Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 15, 2007

American Dreams

As all good things it started off as a dream.A television soap based on the lives of American Malayalees exclusively shot in USA.We lived with that dream for a couple of years before we eventually made it.

The richest asset I gained from the entire shooting experience was getting to know some very interesting people.It helped me redefine the entire concept of an American Malayali.Today I have friends of my age living there who knows India,our history and our culture much better than I do.

“American Dreams” will always remain a special project to me despite all the trouble we faced making it.It also helped me reconfirm my belief that all deeds done with noble intentions will be rewarded sooner or later.The show when eventually came on air was widely appreciated.It won four major state awards that year including the best serial.

And the sweetest personal memory was that it brought me my first kerala state award for best screenplay.

Read all about it here.



  1. it was a wonderful simple…so down to earth…
    but not remember seeing nizhalukal.
    you can be proud of that serial
    even with its heavy weigth ambika
    in her skirt

  2. Thanks indu

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