Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 16, 2007


I searched all over the net for some write-up on “Nizhalukal”. Unfortunately they are removed by now. That’s the problem with working in television-moment of fame short-lived and erased without leaving any history behind.

Nizhalukal was my first screenplay, which came on air in early 2000.I started working on it almost a year back. I had completed my engineering by then and just landed on a software job. It happened just at the right time for me. Six months earlier or later maybe I would have to quit either my job or writing.

It was Asianet’s idea to create the first horror serial in Malayalam. And it was my good fortunes that landed me in this project. I was accommodated to a deserted state municipal guesthouse in Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum with the task of making the right story and screenplay for the same. The 2 months I spend writing Nizhalukal was an unforgettable and sort of a “horrifying” experience itself.

The Days were spent at my office. I was undergoing my training then. I have to say it had an impact on my software training also. While sitting through those sessions my mind was filled with my characters in Nizhalukal than the software processes and procedures.
Evenings were for discussions and nights for writing.

Those 2 months should be the most dreaded nights I had. The directors and actors who came for discussions used to tell me about their extra terrestrial experiences for “inspiring” me. In the nights I was left all alone in the 5th floor of a deserted building to write a horror script. That small light that came through that keyhole.. The sound of a newspaper lying on the floor..A spooky looking guesthouse manager… all added to the drama. I think what worked for me during those days was the kind of variety I had in my life with software and screenplay. That was perfect balance.

The story of “Nizhalukal” was inspired from a cover story India today did during my engineering days. It was about a six-year-old Gujarati kid speaking in the voice of a 60-year-old grand mother and reciting Bhagvat gita etc. The characters were placed in the kerala milieu and some drama added. I loved creating every character of it. Lakshmi, Muthassi, Prof.Karumadom..One thing I was very particular was that it should not have the “yakshi” moving around in a white sari singing songs. It should be set in an environment which was real and which we have witnessed in our lives.

I was completely confident of the project by the time I finished writing Nizhalukal.The excitement of creating something different remained all through the shooting.

Nizhalukal came on air by the time I had finished my training and started working. I was staying with my friends in Kochi then. We did not have a TV at our place to watch the first episode. We went to a friends place to watch it all together. The sweetest experience was to see my name appear for the first time on screen.

Nizhalukal went on to become one of the biggest hits of its times. It topped the charts all through the 2 years it was on air. It won many awards including the film critics. And eventually slowly forgotten as it went off air.

It would not be fair to say that had Nizhalukal not happened then I would not have written more screenplays. I would have still tried to make something else. But today looking back I am very happy that “Nizhalukal” happened. It gives me even more happiness when I meet people in my day-to-day life who still remembers Lakshmi and Prof.Karumadom.

Atleast some “shadows” of Nizhalukal are left over somewhere maybe..



  1. It was a lovely serial. Something completely breaking the stereotypical horror serials of that time. Me and my sister used to tease our mother for watching other serials at that time. But one day she asked us to watch nizhalugal. She told us that we might like it. We were completely into horror movies and used to get satisfied only by hollywood offbeat movies. When we watched this serial, it took us by surprise. I think except for exam times, we used to watch every episode of it. It was a lovely experience. Thank you for making it happen.

  2. Thats so nice to hear dileep

    • HELOOO..nizhalukal is my fav serial evr…please post a link to watch it online…so desperate to watch ..

  3. Hello renjithetta.

    I used to watch Nizhalukal in my childhood (that’s when i was 9 or 10) and i simply loved it.. Glad to know it was you.. Sadly i lost track of the later episodes, and i expected asianet might re-telecast it.. But they didn’t…

    Do you have any soft copies of the serial?

    • Thanks Hari

  4. Hey, this was yors? I was in schools when Nizhalukal was being telecasted in asianet. It gives me more hopes on Passenger 🙂

  5. It was a well written script Renjith….:)

  6. Eccentric,


    Thaks movie lover

  7. It was one of my favourite serials…. Fabulous work!!! Kudos…. Sadly, I too lost track of the latter episodes.

    Are there any soft copies or material of the serial ???

  8. Thanks savitha.No there are no softcopies with me:(

  9. hi.nizhalukal waza fabulous work..a different concept…still havit in my mind….
    nd ta title song z too gud…is ter ny wy to get ta title song??

    • Thanks Amruth.No i dont have the song with me..

  10. what is the possible way to see it now? I am willing to buy the dvd, please let me know

  11. Sorry ram,i dont think its available.

  12. i used to watch it when i was 14 or 15yrs…i still rememeber the first line and the tune of the title song…at that time it was really a horrific experience…the art of using light and shade was really there any videos available ? or atleast the song..i seached it in youtube and some other sites..but i got only your page…if its available you just post it in your page or in millions of keralites can watch it again…..

  13. hello renjith

    good luck for your upcoming movie “Arjunan Sakshi”, we all are waiting for that…
    i didn’t see of “Nizhalukal” any eppisode coz i don’t like tele-serials that much… but at that time i heard about this serial was, brilliantly taken in under a tele-scope… i think k. madhavankitty was the director, isn’t it?.. any way thank you very much for your whole efforts to entertains us…

  14. hai ranjit etta…..’NIZHALUKAL’was a wonderful work of yours.we expect much more likes that from u.i used to watch that serial.the main reason is that serial story almost happened in my family also.anyway can u arrange me the title song of that serial??pls help me by giving any link…pls …

  15. hi ranjithetta,ente jeevithathil njan kandathil vechu eetavum ishtapeta serial anu nizhalukal.ellavarkum horror serial ennu parayumbol aadyam orma varuka white sariyumuduthu paatum padi nadakunna ‘yakshi’yeyanu..pakshe ee paranjathonnumillathe thanne oru real horror mood ningal create cheythu.eniku aa serial iniyum kananamenund.CDyo dvdyo undenkil vangan njan thayaranu.plz giv me a reply

  16. hiiii Ranjithetta…..

    Nizhalukal ente schooling time-ill aayirunnu telecast cheydirunadu….valare variety aayirunnu adinte theme…Shajiem valare nannayi thenne adu direct cheyyukayum cheydu….pinne Sruthilakshmi …..parayaan vaakukal illa athrayum nalla performance aayirunnnu…pinnne indira thampi, sivaji etc all were nice..baki ullavare athra angu orma kittunilla..any way best of luck & thanks 4 giving we mallus such a nice visual xperiences….

  17. hi…it can erase from net,but still its in ma heart.i love the title song.i donno is this correct*mukile mukile iniyum ne varumo….
    nizhalai nilavai iniyum ne varumo
    kan thurakkum ………………………..
    doorathu nilkunna raapadio….
    kanatha kanavinte…………..*.i forgot most lines but still its in ma heart.i want asianet to repeat this serial.

    • Thank u.They are airing American dreams these days.So hopefully nizhalukal has a chance:)

  18. Can I get the title sng please…

  19. It is one my favourite serial in that time.

  20. Hey Ranjith: I remember I was a huge fan of Nizhalukal in my school days. I never knew you were the one who penned it. I understand from the above comments that the videos of the serial aren’t available now. Any luck with the screenplay?

    • neither sreejith.

  21. @Ranjith: That’s unfortunate! Thanks for the reply.

  22. sir
    visit my blog..

  23. its all about the shadows that never leaves you even if you are dead.
    thakarchakalil ottappettu pokumbozhum,
    pranayathil vanchikkappedumboyum,
    bhagamveppil aruthumattapedumbozhum
    nammmude koode nishabdha saaakshiyaayi nizhalukal maathram bhakkiyaavunnu..maranamillatha nizhalukal..
    chila ormakalum ormappeduthalukalum…

  24. ngan muzhuvanayum kanda ore oru serial”nizhalukal”….,varshangal ithreyumayittum ormakalil nizhalukalkku mangalettittilla…,iniyum itharam samrambhangal prateekshichu kollunnu…..,ashaya daaridryathil nattam thiriyunna kerala cinema serial samoohathinu athu oru anugraham aayirikkum…

  25. any possible way to watch nizhalukal again…..any online source…or just pictures from the serial….any sources???? could you please upload some pics from the serial???

  26. any way to get the tittle song of this serial

  27. i know this serial was shooted @ pazhoor paduthol mana piravom….near to my home…@ my childhood…iam searching for dat title song for years but no use..plese ranjith sir if dat song is with you..please send it to my mail…

  28. This was one of the best serials I have ever watched and could
    easily be compared with YAKSHI, the movie. Why did it go off the air, just like that? Did it rub someone the wrong way?


  29. i loved its title track….the serial was also super awsome… actly ya anybdy gets know about the link to its title track or the whole of its episode pls do post it.. it wud jst great to watch it again…. awsome work !!!!!

  30. I am girish puliyoor,the writer of the title song of nizhalukal and the music director was m.jayachandran.But unfotunately I have no copy of that song.If anybody has please sent it to my

  31. hello,renjith sankar,I missed to post my call me if free. 9447388170…girish puliyoor

  32. hello mr,ranjith ,i know its too late but congrats for giving us “nizhalukal”,really it was a nice creation,it was my teenage while i was watching nizhalukal,but still nizhalukal is special for me,and also that theme song was awsome,last night during conversations with my dear friend accidently we started to discuss about nizhalukal,then i decided to search abt it,and now i feel very happy bcoz i came to right place,we expect more from you,,bye take care,best of luck


  33. Hi Sir,
    Nizhalugal…. a great script & really thank you for that. As i am great lover of horror stories filled with super natural things, i loved to watch your serial because it had a strange and strong sound & presence of paranormality , especially the making . As it was telecasted in my childhood days my memory missed the story line but it seems bad luck got its role i could not find even its story line except your blog. anyway thanks once again for awesome topic. and one more thing NIZHALUGAL will be one of my favourate horror story. Please inform us if there any chance getting that serial back( it may be through in writting or through serial)


    Ajith V

  34. Hi Ranjith Sir,

    Nizhalukal was my fav serial….n I love the title song. Please please please share the song. Please send it to

  35. Hi Ranjith Sir, I loved Nizhalukal, and the title song was awsome. please send me the title song of this serial if you have it to

  36. Renjith sir,
    orupadu nallukalayi njan aa oru gaanam kelkkan kothikkunnu….”mukkille mukkile inniyum nee varumo”… makes me too feel like….what to say…its quite a marvelous one ….if u dont mind please forword me that song to my mail id…iam very much willing to listen that song once again….waiting for that masterpiece…
    with regards…..

  37. Hi,
    My name is Adi. Growing up outside India I hated Malayalam tv serials. But then came nizhalukal. As a kid I was a huge fan of horror but nothing really scared me. Although I was not impressed with the filmmaking of this show, your writing gave me the creeps. I was taken away by your originality. I could say you were one of the many inspirations to be a film maker. I really want to get my hands on the show and revisit my old child hood days. I really wish to help you give justice to your writing. I cannot find the show any where. Is there any way I could watch the show again?

  38. Hi Renjith sir, in my childhood I used watch this serial … really a good work… I love the title song very much. I had this song with me before. But I lost the saved one. I listened this song from youtube again today. I tried to download this song again.. finally I reached to this blog.. so just thought to drop a message to u..

  39. Hai sir, Fantastic work and so glad to hear the genius behind the seral is you. Hats off for such a lovable horrifying story even remembers all the characters and the title words to I can find some episodes in the youtube. Brilliant work sir..

  40. Hello Ranjith,

    So you were the one who created Nizhalukal. I have been trying to get some information on this serial too but like you mentioned in vain. I was in 1st std. when this serial was aired. So when I used to come home for vacations this used to be one of my favorite things. I used to get compared to that little girl because I too used to walk around in white and left-open long hair like her. However after every episode I used to follow my mom like a ‘nizhal’ because I used to be that scared.

    Oh and the coincidence is that I stumbled upon this info because just today I realized that parts of your movie Pretham was shot in my college.

    So, nice to have finally found out about one of the makers of Nizhalukal. All the Best for your future endeavors.


  41. Dear Ranjit sir,
    I was of shruthi lakshmi ‘s age while watching Nizhalukal. Unfortunately because of my ‘good’ grades that time I couldn’t finish watching the serial fully. I still remember the last episode I saw. Kindly give a brief outline of rest of the story. I’m updated till that Umma ghost ended up in killing poornima during her ouja board session.
    Please do help me out…

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