Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 23, 2007

Bonjour ! Merci !! **

It is called the city of lights.. The city which never sleeps The city of fashion….the only place in the world where fashion changes every minute.

Strangely I couldn’t discover anything of these in Paris. For me it behaved like a very normal city like any other. Majority of the population leads a very normal life. They wake up, go to work, return back and lead a peaceful life. Many of them move out from the city to the suburbs when they have a family.(The city becomes too expensive then).Less than 5% goes into fashion. Most parents prefer their kids to be engineers or in some decent profession.

Eiffel tower looked unbelievable to be built in 1880s.More interesting was the lifts we go up the tower, which was made in 1890s.They say their new lifts are showing problems. Not old ones:))

Paris has their own statue of liberty standing proudly by the Siene river.My French friend said that the Americans gave it to the French in return of the same.She feels they should have returned something else putting in some imagination! Anyway if you take a cruise you can see the Staue beside the Eiffel tower.That’s special anyday.

Lido show was a visual delight. A true assembly of their history, lifestyle, flamboyance and culture. The show is running for years to packed houses. More or less on the lines of New York Broadway show. A lesson for us to learn. Why is that we forget our Kathakali, Music, Theater, Radio whenever we have a new medium like Television or movies? When will we grow up to appreciate and enjoy these great art forms?

Met some interesting people. A gorgeous shopkeeper girl, a bus driver who sells mineral water in “black” in bus…a German tourist guide. An Indian event manager whose family lives in Paris for generations. All agreed on one thing. They live in a very expensive city!!

Tried traveling through their metro. Got all directions wrong again!:)

Long Days are for Paris. I don’t think there would be any other part in the world at any season where there in bright sunlight at 11’o clock in the night! I have seen summer days in Washington, which lasted till 9 PM. This was crazy. Maybe this is another reason they say, “The city never sleeps”!

Forgot the best part. I reached there on 14th and it was their republic day. Along with the military parade celebrations that night included mind-blowing fireworks in front of Eiffel tower beside the Seine River accompanied by soothing music. The entire city had come to see it. That was one of the most romantic moments of my life. The trip was all worth just coz of that. Loved it!!

Saw the original Monalisa painting in their famous “Pyramid” museum. DaVinci can rest in peace. They have preserved it brilliantly.

Another picture of Paris I had in mind was the sight of struggling artists making a living doing portraits of pedesters. I could not find even one. Maybe I missed visiting the right paces!

On my return flight sitting next to me was a French teenager Mary and her friend Ani. We tried our best teaching each other French and Hindi:) Mary is studying film direction in France. She is a great Hrithik Roshan fan but hates Shah Rukh Khan.She was watching Dhoom 2 in the flight!!.Bollywood is truly growing it seems.Her friend Ani is an engineering student and is going to take a one year course in Mumbai IIT as part of her course

Of course every trip is worth it. It occurred to me during the trip that I shud make a love story set there. Maybe between a shop keeper girl (or a tourist guide) and a Malayali visitor. That’s good enough material to be the first genuine cross over cinema here as they can normally converse only in English:))..Maybe. Some day. Maybe use Paris to shoot it too for the aura the city has with people.

If not for anything else..

** Good Morning and Thank you in French



  1. felt like i am in paris.
    well kindof
    thanks for painting it here
    snaps please

  2. Pics added:)

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