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Thrissur 4

What is the first thing that I remember about me? It is a very difficult task putting it down since it always collides with what you were told about your days as a baby. The effort here is to put away the stuff that was told/imagined from stories/seen in photos and figure out only those realities, which glimpse through memory. Getting straight into the mind of a Kid:)

Alright, the first shot I remember about me is sitting in a verandah of an old house with some people around. I can still remember the place with big “muttam”. That’s all what I can recall of that place. Now I know that it was my father’s tharavadu.

The second shot is again at a house with a big “muttam”. My sister’s school bus used to stop right in front of that house. I remember her walking out from that bus and giving me a sweet. Later I was told that I was suffering from pneumonia then. My sister was staying at my uncle’s house since she should not get the sickness from me. Still she got down that day to meet me to give me choclate. Sweet sister! Sadly she caught up with the disease soon.

What were the first shots of my father and mother? No pictures until we shifted to our own house!!! Very bad.I think I remember Acha coming back from office and telling me he has got me admission in a school.

I faintly remember our house warming ceremony. Very feeble pictures. I remember “meemi” feeding me food sitting at the back of our new house. She used to tell me stories of kings, skies and paradises! Meemi took care of me till I went to school during daytime since my parents were both working. I remember her having constant fights with “kochu govindan chettan” who was another person looking after me. My grand mother was living with us then. I remember “meemi” fighting with her regularly as well.

I remember my cousin Unnis birthday. I must be 3 then. It was a grand function. I remember my ever favorite mema getting married. One day I heard that one guy came to see her and the marriage is fixed and she is crying. I felt marriage was something bad to happen. I saw mema that evening and she was smiling like a flower.That made me all confused. .Someone must have made up that news .I was sad that she was leaving me.She was my teacher at home till then. I did not feel like asking her anything about it.

Baiju was my best friend at home. I see throwing a ball at the verandah in my house and trying to catch it with him. Don’t remember when I saw him first. We still remain neighbors in Thrissur and good friends.

I remember sitting in the school and looking at Amma who was watching me from outside. It must be my first day at school.Amma told me I stopped crying when she showed me a banana from outside!!

No specific pictures of LKG.I remember the classroom though. I faintly remember learning alphabets. In UKG the teacher asked us to draw something. I had no clue what to draw and just scribbled something. Teacher inspected it and found it was a dog climbing up a mountain! I remember trying hard to recite “Jack and Jill” and failing. I remember I used to get marks for my exams in my slate and I couldn’t figure it whether it was a good mark or a bad one!

I remember wondering at the intelligence of my bigger cousins when they could easily figure out lion and tiger just looking at the pictures. I was really having a hard time to get their English names correctly!

I can feel the terrible pain in my hands when our neighbor Kurien uncle tried to pick me up. Everyone was scared that my hand broke. By the time they took me to the mission hospital I was alright!We never went inside the hospital. My father bought me an ice cream on our way back.

I remember a big snake that was inside a birdcage at home in my neighbourhood. It was a “Perumpapu”. I really enjoyed the process of catching it.

I remember a shooting that was happening in my house. I would like to believe I saw this bearded guy there. It was Padmarajan who was shooting his movie Idavela.

I liked the teacher who taught me in 1st standard. It came close to a crush I suppose.

I forgot to take money for a movie show that was planned from school. Entire class went to see Beautiful People. I was left alone in the class with a handful of friends. I had seen the movie already as it was playing at a theater next to my house but still I felt sad.

There was a torn 20 Rupee note in my bag. A friend of mine liked it very much and he tore it to further pieces and flew it through the classroom window. My mother was furious to hear it! I think this was in my 2nd standard.

I remember taking snaps with my grand mother. I remember her death. I wondered seeing “meemi” crying so loudly at her demise. I had always seen her fighting with my grand mother before. I saw a big crowd at the house that day.

I remember playing caroms with my grand father. The striker always hit his fingers but he never felt any pain! He was an acute diabetes patient. There was a huge crowd at my grand fathers death too. I was taken from my school early and was never told about it until we reached the tharavadu. I saw picture and news of his death in Indian express next day. After his funeral I remember looking at his ashes from the balcony of tharavadu. One distant uncle was picking up something and telling someone “this is athmavu”

Even before that I remember my grandfather crying when one of his relative came to see him. The relative was terribly sick or something. But my grandfather passed away first. Fate! I remember the barber who used to come to shave my grand father daily. It was a sight!

I remember Anapappan Narayanan.He was killed by his elephant in front of my little eyes. Whenever I went upstairs of my house he used to scare me for many years.

I remember walking with my cousins to buy poompatta,balarama,bala mangalam etc. I remember seeing TV for the first time. I wondered how nazir and jayan could shrink to such a small screen! What was the first movie I saw? I remember seeing padayottam. Was that the first one?

We regularly went to malampuzha and tippus fort for excursion from school. I remember walking through the “Noolppalam”,witnessing tippus hideout and eating chicken biriyani for 5 Rs.Thrissur Zoo was just opposite our school but we only went there once.

My best friends till 4th standard in school were Emil and Sony. I haven’t met Sony ever since. I met Emil during my engineering when he joined me as a junior. I used to water the garden with Emil in the evenings since we were taking 2nd trip in school bus. The father used to give us a green toffee each for the hard work. One day he recruited a gardener. The toffees stopped!

I don’t remember my last day at Holy Family LP School. Boys were only allowed there till 4th standard. I don’t even remember if I was a good student. The 1st rank holder in class was made the class leader by default. I remember a girl who was 1st wrote down the names of many boys including me for speaking in the class when the teacher was not there. We were all made to stand at the back. I was angry and told my friends that I will come 1st next time and will write down her name.

I remember the assembly, the kallan police games, boastings, lies..

It feels special when I pass through the school even today. I feel the same when I pass by Don Bosco and St Thomas as well.

Good old days..

I want to make a movie titled “Thrissur-4” someday-A sweet and cute movie about childhood,boyhood and dreams…

Cant wait to watch it!:



  1. 🙂 Thrissur – 4 – dat was my school pin code. Will be ready to script it for u, if u wanna make that movie

  2. ideally an sound track in that film would be “Yeh thrissur hai mera yaar”…
    or in malalayalam “ethu thrissur nadente suhrthe ..(humming)” ….:)

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