Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 10, 2007

A Weekend Dream

I wanted the weekend to be good. I wanted it to give me clarity in thinking. I wanted it to help me focus and spare me from all the diversions.

Nothing special happened during the weekend. I spend some quality time with the family, traveled a bit,saw some cricket, few movies.. the regular stuff. The ending was perfect with a good sleep and an illogical dream yesterday.

Bharath gopi and Madhavi was in the dream.Both looked from an old Bharathan movie.They were in a hill station spending some quality time .Gopi was an engineer I guess.Madhavi was his friend.From the hill station they were immediately transported to Kochi.They were driving around kochi looking for a plot to buy.They traveled through Palarivattom and reached a wonderfully beautiful place.I wondered how such a place existed so close in kochi.The place had a kashmiri feel to it.They were not really serious about buying,were just roaming around.

The next moment I see them in a café.An engineer friend accidentally meets them there.She wanted to clear some doubts regarding Function Points with Gopi.Till that moment I thought gopi was a civil engineer.Gopi couldn’t clear her doubt.She introduced her daughter to him.She looked like singer Gaythri.To clear the FP doubt she instantly painted 3 beautiful pictures!!I felt tremendously jealous and wished I could paint like that.I wanted to show it to Mammutty.

They were back in the hill station.Madhavi wanted to leave.They must have had a small spat or something.She wanted to leave with a minister.He looked like actor innocent.Gopi wanted to say something to her.

Dream broke when Amma woke me up.It was time for me to leave.The weekend was over.Did the dream had color? They say it always comes in Black & White.Couldnt figure that out this time also.

The dream spoke nothing about cinema. Still I felt very relaxed driving back from home.

I am more at peace with myself now.



  1. Dream always has color… if not, color it to believe it..!

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