Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 2, 2008


New Year was quiet. I spent it alone at home, but not watching year end analysis in TV. Somehow I was very particular about that. Couple of friends called to join their parties.I was not in the right mood.I was in the mood to celebrate it watching a good movie,alone.

Watched 2 movies infact.Before Sunrise and Before sunset.Actually one is the sequel to the first.2 amazing movies.They took nine years to make the sequel.The took nine years because they wanted it to be original.Before sunrise is about 2 strangers meeting on a train and the one night they spend together in Vienna.Before Sunset is about what happens when they meet after 9 years.So to make them look real the makers waited for nine years!!Thats what I call pure passion. Its not only about the characters getting older without the help of makeup.The writers perspective changes in 9 years with the characters.Same for director and the whole crew. They are planning the 3rd part in 2014 I hear.I am dying to watch it.

2007 was a significant year for me I guess.It was an year for learning cinema and getting exposed to good cinema from across the globe.I would like to believe the time was all worth it.

2008 could well be the most important year of my life.This is the year in which I am going to make my first movie.It could have happened 5 years before but again all happens for good.My perspective towards life and cinema has positively changed in these 5 years.I feel I am ready for it now.

I want to welcome 2009 differently. Probably in a crowd and having reasons to celebrate.



  1. reading ur thrissur 4 made me very nostalgic…made me remember those years…those wonder years when I was innocent and naive…and not a shattered soul ruined by the materialist world….currently I am in the phase of self realization…n ur post did help…Cheers…for following ur dream….

  2. Thanks Amit.
    All the very best to you.

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