Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | February 15, 2008

Living in TODAY

Technology is great. I got so many Birthday wishes this time, thanks primarily to orkut.It has helped me relocate some of the lost faces and reconnect with some other .

I read an article recently about the internet intellectuals and the problems they are creating. Maybe true. But I find this an amazing medium. This is real revolution.This can change the world,if it already hasn’t.

Has it reduced the importance of print? Not for people like me. I was always a bad selective reader.Dont get me wrong here. Its not someone who reads selected works but who is highly impatient and rushes through a work. You never get the joy of reading like that. I am realizing this recently as I have seriously started reading some wonderful works. Its beautiful world indeed, was a crime deliberately missing it for all this while.

Still internet is special, isn’t it? I am in love with it and probably cant live without it. Actually no medium replaces the other. Look at the way Radio has bounced back oflate.All these debates like television affecting movies, internet replacing print etc sound illogical to me.

I wish theater comes back. I was never really into theater. Has hardly watched any plays. But I think it’s a great medium and should not be in such dire straits as our traditional art forms. And yes what about them? What about our chakyar kuthu and kathakali? Are they not affected by these new mediums?

I think the key is to change with times. Now how can a Kathakali change with time? It definitely can. Cant we think of more contemporary themes?stories?Cant we think of an amalgamation of all these forms and present an altogether modern version communicating with the people of today? That’s again debatable. Does a great art form need to change with times? I feel it should if it is for the people.

I feel people are willing to spend these days. They do not want to sit at home on weedends bored infront of television. They want to go out. Give them something which will help them go out and spend for you.

I wish there was better television. It cannot survive being as commercialized as these days. There should be some space left for quality and substance. I used to watch malgudi days,nukkad,tapas etc as a kid. What is a kid of today watching? Betrayals, murders, hate, cheap humour..Dont they deserve anything better? What about our cinema? Dont we deserve better cinema?

Lots of question marks..How can i make my world little more beautiful and meaningful?..Browse some interesting sites,read good books,sustain a compassionate heart,watch inspiring movies,keep hope,keep dreaming and continue working towards it..

Can one man make a difference?I believe YES.Maybe in his own small ways…But how fulfilling that can be compared to our selfish and self centered selves…


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