Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 22, 2008

My Dear Tara

“If you don’t want to sleep with me then why did you buy this new bed for?”

Tara stood up from the new bed and asked me. I was in my bedroom lying lazily in another bed and watching “The holiday”.Tarun was sleeping near me and Smitha was with Tara in the other bed.

That question had so much innocence that it touched even me. Well that does not mean that I am inhuman or stone hearted, just a bit distracted maybe.Thats all.

Tara repeated the question again.I quietly took my eye off “The Holiday” and went near her.She repeated the question for the third time and dragged me to bed. We lied there for quite a while.She held on to me tight,kissed me couple of times and slowly slept.

The Holiday was still playing but I could not go back to it.I was feeling a strange sense of fulfillment.There was happiness.

The new bed was bought since we wanted Tara to sleep with us.After Tarun arrived and since Tara was a very “demanding spacious” kid in her sleep our first bed was not enough to accommodate us all comfortably.Tara was sleeping with her grand parents for a while.

Bed was a small commodity but it seemed to give Tara more joy than many other things we bought recently.

Its wonderful to have a family.


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