Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | June 9, 2008


This is a new movie released last week.I read some great reviews so definitely wanted to watch it.I dint knew it was released in Kochi.

Saturday was busy visiting banks for some finances.I was driving back and suddenly saw this poster on the street. Aamir was playing one afternoon show in Sridhar.

Smitha and Tara was with me in the car.I knew it wont be a movie to their liking. I wouldn’t have risked taking them to the movie if it was another day.But then it was a special day.

Sreenivasan had just called me informing finally we have a producer.Finances were no longer required.This is going to happen finally.

That relief made me take the risk of taking them to the theater.

The movie unfortunately wasn’t anything special.I cant say for sure coz I could not concentrate fully as mind was full of thoughts.

Still it is an interesting movie.The climax was special.

Once again I loved the camera work.I have been communicating with Alphonse Roy for a while through email but never knew his debut movie can prove such good results.

I believe they shot in Arri 435 and HAWK lenses.I loved the hand held shots.Importantly they were not causing disturbance to the eye.I wonder why we never use handheld shots in Malayalam movies more often.It could be quite poetic reflecting the mind of a character if used properly.

Check out Aamir.Its a movie that deserves your 50 Rupee ticket if you are a lover of different cinema.



  1. congrats , so we got a director too at home

  2. 🙂

  3. “why we never use handheld shots in Malayalam movies”

    That’s an interesting question…

    Why is it that in Malayalam cinema, things look or feel
    very similar among most director’s films…

  4. ranjith, today only i could find this blog and am reading all the posts in single stretch. Very happy to see an IT-turned-film director:) coz i wantd to be one of dat kind 😦

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