Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 7, 2008


This is the movie I have lived, dreamt and slept with for the past 4 years.And finally I am going to make it .

We are starting shooting in January and probably you will see this in your theaters in April.

I think I am going to make a significant movie. I know I am completely ready to do it.

Meanwhile Aamir was shot in Arri 235 and ultra primes.And they used 40% steadycam on a 3.5 kg camera.Thats too much.Malayalam cinema certainly cant afford that.

I want to go with Arri3 and HAWK for passenger.Someone told me HAWK is not compatible with Arri3.Pritvi told me thats nonsense and he has worked on couple on movies with it.Maybe we will be needing 24 block lenses for a couple of days shoot.

Well thats all you need for a malayalam cinema I feel.Its the content that matters.

I realise the easiest thing that can happen to a film maker during the making of a movie is to lose his conviction in between.

I pray this does not happen with me.There are going to be difficult days,desperate decisions,finaicial limitations.And between all this chaos i have to make a movie.

I am mentally preparing myself for it.I realise there maybe times i am just going through the motions but this this should not reflect on screen.

All I can say about passenger now is that its a thriller with a social committement.

Wish me luck guys.



  1. Wish you all the best!!!

  2. Renjith,

    Wish you all success

  3. wish u good luck

  4. All the best dude.. I’m sure this will be a kewl hit.. moreover, I’m with u too 😉

  5. congrats in your new project..

  6. Ranjith, I wish you all the best. Your dream of becoming a successful film maker will definitely come true.

    Prashant Chand

  7. Eda.. All the best with your new movie. I am sure you will achieve lot of laurels for this one and many more to come.

    I feel so proud of you, my friend! Good to see you live your dream!

    Warm Regard!

  8. Thanks Guys:)

  9. All the best

  10. I am late to reach here 😦 But all the best for yor future projects.

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