Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | October 17, 2008



Sreenivasan rates this movie as the best among the classics.I wanted to see this from the day he told me that.I waited for the original DVD.I watched it to see the best movie of my life.


Casablanca is a great movie ofcourse, wonderful characters, beautiful romance, inspiring patriotism. I loved the camera work, simple and effective.No magics here like in Citizen Kane but this works.


I did a little research on this and found that they did not had a final script while shooting the movie.It was more like shooting a Malayalam movie nowadays,script gets altered every day.Even the main actors in Casablanca didnt knew with whom the girl was going to end up with.Forget the actors,even the writers and director was confused.


It was made at a time Hollywood studios made one film per week.Warner brothers made 53 movies that year.Noone expected Casablanca to be the classic it turned out to be.But then that’s the beauty of classics right?You never knowJ


It was based on an unproduced play “Everybody goes to Ricks”.Warner brothers bought it for a record price then,20K$.Various writers worked on the script at different points of pre and post production. Amazingly it looks so well jointed with brilliant continuity. Its so engaging you don’t get bored for a second. Hats off!


I think the best part about a great movie is that it inspires you to make something on those lines.Yes a triangular love story seems something from the 18th century today.But romance never dies they sayJ


Casablanca lives. It still fetches house full shows on reruns.


But Is this the best movie I have seen so far? Somehow I would rate shawshank redemption and cinema paradise above this.One gives me hope,other makes me cry. 

And Casablanca makes me happy.


I want to see Driving Miss Daisy. Looking for the right DVD.




  1. yea, Casablanca was just another HW commercial film of the 40s, at least during its making.
    No one expected anything “big” to happen…
    But it is now regarded as the best from the classical HW era.

    According to film historian Aljean Harmetz
    “[Michael]Curtiz’s vision of any movie… was almost totally a visual one”, and quotes him as saying, “Who cares about character? I make it go so fast nobody notices”


  3. I have to agree with you. Casablanca is good film, but its no “masterpiece”.
    Over the years, it has become a tad bit overrated …

    Shawshank Redemption is definitely better than it.

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