Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | October 30, 2008

Current Thoughts



Wanted to write about 3 things


1.How important it is to keep dreaming

2.Stock market


Forgot the third oneJ.I think it was not the global economic depression. Something else. Anyways the scenario is bad.My friends tell me they are scared to go to their offices since they could receive termination letters anytime.Companies act brutally eh?Is it out of absolute necessity for cost cuts?I heard Sasi tharur talking the other day that the present Indian economy is stable compared to the gobal scene.The panic here is due to people not believing in their own abilities.


I feel many companies face issues because of their unrealistic growth plans.Hiring hundreds of employees expecting work and then sacking them.Cruel but that’s the need of the hour it seems.


Read a really funny mail recently a marriage proposal to an airhostess during the present depression times from a planter.Isnt it better to look at life with fun?Easier said than done yeah.


Stock market has always been an unknown territory to me.I wanted to take a plunge many a time but somehow dint work out.Finally I decided it was time.No I am not the Captain in Gone with the Wind who says “Somehow I prefer lost causes”.I don’t think stocks are lost causes at all are they? I am not an expert.Just a week into this.


One important thing that excited me to go to trading was that I always wanted to make a movie on this. Perhaps something on the lines of K L Mohana Varmas “OHARI”.Somthing even more simpler and easily digestible. I think it has tremendous potential.One year into this will make me a smarter person to even talk about it.:)


I realized this oflate.When you dive into something really deep you stop dreaming.You get lost in the practicality of things around you.You start compromising and how.!!


The most important thing should be to keep dreaming.Keep it alive in you under whatever circumstances.Keep it rolling in your mind atleast once in a day.I have experienced it giving me more energy and keeping you focused.


How to do it?Its real easy.Dedicate 5 minutes of your day for your dreams.Forget the crowd,practicalities,disturbances.Just shut down completely and live your dream for 5 minutes every day.


Believe me you can make it happen. Just keep on working towards it.




Gosh what was that third one?





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