Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | November 27, 2008

Shame on Us

What can a common man do against terrorism?

I have been asking this question to myself for quite some time now. I saw Wednesday and felt here was a film makers answer.But it did not had the impact to wake up somebody.Or Does cinema ever has that impact?Maybe if it was made a little more engaging and practical it would have received more coverage. And probably if it was made with a super star. 

I was happily watching cricket when Mumbai was being brutally attacked yesterday.As soon as cricket was over I switched to Santhosh Sivans Before the Rains.Saw the shocker of the headline in todays morning paper only. 

What is happening around us?Has India become the easiest targets for terrorists? 

Is this because our system is so corrupt that it can never be corrected?Anyone can sqeeze in anywhere if they have money to pay?Have we become such pathetic human beings? 

Youth in kerala become terrorists for money!!Imagine!! its not extreme protest to an injustice done to them.Its not fight against a system or ideology.Its not even hatred against the country. 

Just money!!Our youth can be terrorists just for money and the luxurious lifestyle of gangsters they see in movies. 

What can a common man do against all this?He has some right afterall. 

I always tell people you don’t have the right to criticize a system if you don’t have the guts to be a part of it.If the system is the one to be blamed then we are all part of it. 

How can we fight this? 

I wish I had some practical answers.I wish I could make a movie on this with some practical solutions.A movie which has to reach to the public and which is discussed. 

Not something for the elite festival audience. 

A common man has to be the protagonist.One of our super stars should play him to get it to people. 

He will be this office going normal guy like all of us.There could be a youth from a well to do family turning terrorist for money.There will be police,politicians,media… 

That’s all alrite.





  1. Sir I am now a big fan of yours ,I seen passenger just yesterday ,and it blew me away ,really amazing..sir ,never thought a director in malayalam could be so much creative realllly ..Anyway hope all is going well with you


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