Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 1, 2009


Well this was something I wanted to do for quite some time now.New Year Eve happened to be the right time to create this.I was busy designing this in the last minutes of 2008 and early minutes of 2009.

What do you guys think of something like this?

Chithralekha was perhaps the most active film society we had in Kerala which played a crucial role in creating awareness about good cinema among movie lovers.

Though Chitralekha pioneered the Film Society movement in the state it was active only up to the seventies. Chitralekha also did some work in establishing Association of Film Societies in Kerala and to introduce Film Society movement in universities and colleges. It was promoted by a group of committed cineastes and was able to make forays into all areas of film industry. Farsighted in approach, it was also the only organization, which succeeded in establishing a film studio on its own.

Times has changed and perhaps the days of film societies are over with the DVD revolution and internet.

The effort here is to revive its spirit  in our new times.

This will be a space where malayalam film makers can express themselves .

This is intended to be a bridge between people who are trying to make good cinema and those who want to see good cinema.

A place where directors,actors,producers,musicians,writers can blog on their dreams and movies.

A place where they can directly communicate and discuss with their audience on their hits and flops.

A place where they could announce their movies,where they could release the first trailor,first poster.

A direct communication medium devoid of third parties,TV channels and journalists.

Not denying the fact that these mediums are equally important.

But this will be a space where the right info will come first hand ..The way a film maker want himself and his work to be projected..

Right from the horses mouth…



  1. a good site to check out:

  2. maybe Malayalam filmmakers need to contact and do a deal w/

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