Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | March 19, 2009

Shooting Updates

We have finished shooting the train portions of passenger.What remains is another 7 days of shooting.We are almost done.

Below is the new flex we have designed for passenger.





What do you sense? Can someone suggest me a better caption?


I am leaving for Chennai today for the edit.We want to start dubbing from 23rd.


Things are on track.We want to get a final flex ready for theater promotions by this month end.Also a theatrical trailor atleast by April 15th.


I will post some snaps soon.



  1. looks good…

    good luck.

    Since your starting editing, I’ve heard it is
    a hectic job indeed…good luck w/ it too.

    • thanks

  2. Hi Ranjith,

    I am not an expert and I dont know if it will relate better to the theme, but maybe the caption can be something catchy like

    “Two Strangers and a Chance of a Lifetime”


    • Thanks man

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