Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | March 25, 2009

Passenger First Flex




  1. one life… one day… one chance

    there is a order in it.. think

  2. So happy to see the blog of a director….and that too a really heartfelt blog……no pomps and show..straight from the heart..Read the whole stuff at one go and feels really happy.i accidentally stumbled on it while searching about passenger.

    All the best wishes for Passenger…i have a feeling that its going to be really good( esp. after being at your blog :))…hope my feeling turns out right, bcos its a long time since i saw a really good malayalam commercial film. I ‘ll see it and come back here soon.

  3. I saw the movie passanger on 10 May. I went to the theatre without much expectatin as the director was a new face. But themovie, really swept me off my feat. I cannot help mentioning that it is stupendous and excellent. After seeing the movie i felt thrilled, excited and motivated. It prompted me to search for the contact number of the director Ranjith Sankar on the internet which resulted in the discovery of this blog. So special thanks to the director for providing us with this breath taking movie. I want to talk to him about some of my observations and opinions about the movie which may arise in the mind of the audience. May God bless him in future also for such great successes. With prayers,

  4. Aparna,

    Hope u saw passenger



  5. hi Ranjith Sankar,

    Congratz for a brave movie. Waiting for ur next one.
    Heard that u r working in s/w field. Still working?

    All the best 🙂


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