Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 8, 2009

Post Release

Exactly one day into the PASSENGER release.

It feels sooo good .

My phone has not stopped ringing since the first show yesterday.Noone called to say they liked the movie.Each one who called was excited and charged up about the movie.They felt this was the kind of movie they were waiting for and wanted to see in malayalam for long.

Web reviews are out and each one has been positive.

Everyone seems to have enjoyed the change.

Thanks Guys.

It feels great.



  1. Hello Ranjith, Congratulations on your new movie!
    Heard very good feed back about Passenger. Waiting for its release in this part of the world.

    Congratulations again and best wishes!


  2. Thanks Ranjith for variety movie 🙂

  3. Dear ranjith..

    I’m Biju. sr.sub editor, webdunia. Passenger oru nalla movie aanennaanu ellaa areayil ninnumulla reportukal. this is the gift fr ur effort.



  4. I saw your movie.. brilliant.. looking forward to see more works from you in the future..


  5. Edae. Polichadukki. I haven’t seen your movie but just wanted to confirm it was you.

    –Suresh Ramamoorthy

  6. dear ranjith,

    hearty congrats.
    i read about the reviews. thank u for making such an excellent movie. im eagerly waiting it to be released in kuwait.
    i had visited your location on feb 14th 2009, to visit my brother mr sunil guruvayoor, your still photographer. thats was the next day of the relase of my Album- Mounam Pranayam. my role was of a lyricist.Request you to listen the album.
    All the best for your new ventures….
    good luck and God bless

  7. ranjith, review vaayich excited aayi…ivide release aayittilla..different aayittulla cinema aanu namukk vendath..

  8. Hi Ranjith,

    Congratulations. Very happy for you that your efforts resulted in the right results. Will watch it for sure, once it releases in US.

    Are you going to continue in film industry? Can we expect more from you

    Enjoy the success, it is worth the effort.


  9. Ranjith


    I saw the movie yesterday and everybody enjoyed it. COuldn’t stop clapping after the movie. Watched a well crafted, well written malayalam movie after a long time. Your realistic and natural approach to cinema will surely bring success to your career and contribute growth to malayalam cinema. This will increase expectations on you , for sure.

    Best wishes!

  10. Anali Shaji RoX

  11. I accidentally stumbled upon this blog….

    I saw passenger yesterday…kudos to you for making such a smart movie.

    It’s after a long time that we see a non clichéd Malayalam movie . The casting was terrific and the script was amazing. The movie reminded me of ‘A Wednesday’. Compared with the kind of movies releasing these days, this was a gem of a movie.

    Hope to see a lot more from you in the future…

  12. sir please give me your mail id.
    i am waiting here with my inbox open

  13. Hi Ranjith,

    Its just an amazing Movie… Bravo!!!

    I have written my views about the movie here.. Hope you will read the same.


  14. congratulations


  15. Dear Ranjith,

    First of all, hearty congratulations..

    Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful movie.. Haven’t seen such a thriller in Malayalam 🙂

    Wishing you the very best for a bright future.. Expecting lots and lots of good movies from you.. 🙂

    Congrats once again.. 🙂

  16. Hi Ranjith,

    Saw Passenger today.. Great Work dear friend.. I think this one is first of its kind in Malayalam Cinema.. A good, gripping, edge of the seat thriller.. The change from an ordinary day to an unbelievable one was truly wonderful.. Unlike what we see in Malayalam films (Some graphics, ppt etc..), the use of computer was totally new.. Refreshing..

    Oh man, I don’t know how to express.. but this one surely rocked.. Hoping to see nice movies from you..

    Congrats and Thanks..! 🙂


  17. Arun,Anu,Biju,Deepak





    Sure.send me a copy



  18. hi ranjith,
    thank u for the reply.
    i will ask sunilettan(sunil guruvayoor) to give you a copy of mounam pranayam.
    pl give me your email id.
    wish u all the best

    shiny jokos

  19. Your story and Direction really flaunts a classic touch! right amount of ingredients..
    Thanks a million for giving such a great movie!!

  20. Hi renjith..i didnt give much attention to the trailers or posters or reviews or anything before i left to Passenger, but only to the tagline..just so that i could not lose the freshness and excitement of the movie…but i imagined its genre to be “suspense” & this turned out to be a “thriller”..anyway, movies like these are to be embossed into the so called “standard” malayalam cinema..kudos to you and to ur crew..keep the good work going

  21. Hi Renjith, I saw your movie yesterday here in Bangalore. It was a different experience altogether when compared to the Malayalam movies which we had of late. Absolute thrilling stuff…was really absorbing one.. Thanks for this awesome work.


  22. Anooj,Hari,Jose,


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