Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 14, 2009

2nd week thoughts

One week into Passenger release.

The trade has already declared it a hit and the responses has been truly overwhelming with people from across the society liking it in same breath.

I am getting calls from writers,professors,teachers,house wives,college students,auto drivers,painters who all have enjoyed passenger in same wavelength.

I am getting calls from media houses saying they are taking up the marketing of Passenger as this is a movie which deserves it.

I am getting calls from editors of magazines saying they are planning cover stories on passenger in their next issue.

Feels great.

What I set out to make is a movie which primarly satisfies me.Now it has become a movie of the masses as well as the class audience.What more can a newcomer ask for?

And the most frequent question I am encountering these days is whats going to be the next movie.

Difficult question to answer since all I thought for the past 5 years was making passenger and nothing else.

I set out to make passenger when I felt there cannot be anything more important in my life than to make it happen.

I hope I can write subjects which can excite me in the same level to disturb my mind continuously to make it into a movie.

I hope there will be more movies.



  1. I don’t know anything about you before the 2:30pm on 10th may 2009.
    Form there i started serching for director Ranjith Sanker and
    atlast i found your blog site here and I am happy to know you keep in touch with the
    common man what many persons from film industry don’t do.
    I go to watch this film only because of srenivasan sir and he is now very selective and i belive he is like Nasserudeein Sha.
    After watching PASSENGER , i feel like we got another Sriram Raghavan or Roshan Andrews
    and I won’t like to hear another film of you is going to realese with in next 6 months.
    I read your reviews on this site and think that you be another padmarajan sir both in industry and in literature.
    I am really envey on you because we live in same time and the world will remember your name and not a sign of me.
    I know you are a busy celebratiy and you have no time so bye.

  2. Sir thanks ,
    thank you very much for your repaly. Are you in front of your computer?sir?
    i am using a mobile gprs connection which is very slow .SO i will mail you some time

  3. sir
    I have two doubts about passenger.First, there is a shot in which the characters of Sreenivasan sir and Dilep walks
    in opposite direction and crosses.I think they where in different station at that time.Second is while transfering the video
    file from computer to mobile, we can see “VTS VIDEO to My Document”.

  4. Hi Renjith

    You did it maan…congrats….Yea,, there were some flaws in the script but tht doesn’t affect the totality of the movie….yes,,it was not a different treatment…but it has something different in its soul……. We expect lots from guys like you….It was a great treat for me since I dint expect much from you guys,,, ,,,Its because,,,as you know Tamil movie industry have lots of young writers and directors like bala , cheran , vishnu vardhan and many more that we dont have…Also veterans like Mani ratnam still keep the same standard that he had 10,15 years back….But here everything goes in opposite direction……yea, we have great artists like mohanlal, nedumudi , sreenivasan , thilakan etc but what use? I agree we have some promising young talents like Blessy, Roshan and Laljose but that count won’t help our industry which delivers 50-55 movies in an year…90% of them are craps…..we need a change here.. We want young talents like you…..go ….take your time…come up with another refreshing production….All the best….

  5. Dear Ranjith,

    Don’t worry about your second movie… Please take some time off… I am sure you can do well… Meanwhile please try working on stories written by other upcoming writers as well


  6. Dear Ranjith,

    Got no words to express my appreciation and gratitude. You’re did something really BIG to the movies. We really enjoyed it and the minute I was out of the theatre, I wanted to contact you some way or the other.

    I was thrilled to the max, when I found you here, on web. Congrats for that too. At present, even the film crews haven’t got their profile online.

    Glad to find someone sensible making a nice movie. It’s notable that you didn’t include any songs to ruin the movie as everyone else does so as to gain some visibility. Hats off!

    5 years. And all the work you did paid off in great style. Awesome.
    Thoroughly enjoyed your movie.
    I feel like offering you a dinner/treat. Really.

    Would be more than happiest, if I could get a reply from you.

    Aravind Jose T.

  7. Ranjith, As a very ordinary viewer of malayalam film who’s thrilled to read the reviews about your “Passenger”,i would want to express the uttermost happiness to

    “Difficult question to answer since all I thought for the past 5 years was making passenger and nothing else.” I think this dedication has been repaid and this would be the dedication that a simple viewer of malayalam cinema expects from a film maker.

  8. @Kiranz..!!
    Exactly. He has honoured the viewers with his great devotion and dedication.

  9. hi ranjith,

    Congratulations man! you actually gave life to a dying art- The Malayalam Cinema. When I say that, I should apologise too. Because I am based out of pune and rarely get a chance to watch a Malayalam movie in theaters. But for sure, I will seen it ASAP, may be over the weekend in one of the theaters in Cochin. I think it’s an and a previlage to actually identify with an IT proffessional who exactly did what I was wanting to do for a very long time- to make a Malayalam Cinema which is an extension of what I am. You have done it and I am sure after seeing the kind of response you must have excelled in the art. There’s one promise that Venuettan has given us, when he came to Film Institute for a shoot, that one day he will treat us in one of the locations…I think I am going to use that chance, so it’s a humble, honest request to cast Venuettan in your forth coming film, so that I can meet you too. Ranjith hat’s off to you man, you are a WINNER! In one of the interviews you said “EE Cinema Cheyyan Pattiyelengil Pinne Jeevichirunittu Karya Milla Ennu Thonni” ennu, that ignited my dying passion for cinema…We both breathe cinema! I think Iam there in in your orkut friend’s list, you have added me long back…Please convey my regards to Venuettan, I lost his contact number.

  10. Ranjith, one humble suggestion…if you have already done it then please forgive. Why dont you try to get in touch with Anurag kashyap and arrange for a screening in Mumbai? We have a bunch of Malayalees and well wishers working in Bollywood. May be Rajeev (Rajeev Ravi, DOP Classmates and Dev D) can help you out in this…Because Anurag is the one who singlehandedly got Paruthiveeran released in Mumbai.

  11. visakh,your fan,kiranz,



    Any time:)


    do u work in bollywood?

  12. hi Ranjith Sankar,

    Congratz for a brave mov(i)e. Waiting for ur next one.
    Heard that u r working in s/w field. Still working?

    All the best


  13. sunil,

    tx,still working.

  14. Congrats ranjith…

  15. thanks shaheen

  16. Ranjith Sir,
    Hats off to u..
    I am Indhu.Happy tht i found ur blog..
    I wanted to contact can i?thank u so much for Passenger.u respectd d people of kerala..The Change begins with Passenger.

  17. Sir..
    Hats off to u ranjth sir!!Passenger moving on to top!mattathinte puthiya mukham..ya true.cinema kanunna prekshakare behumanichu thankal.thanks.
    I am Indhu(wishing to be director)i want to contact u can i?

  18. Congrats sir.

    This is something that the new generation wants.We cant ask anything more.
    The climax sequence was superb.And you are able to transfer a sweet pain to all the audience which we all get from Padmarajan and Bharathan movies. I am not comparing you with those legends.But i am sure , you have that sort of talent.
    Sir you got the talent.Please make the movies you like.Please dont go behind stars or make films only for starts.

    In this movie, the casting is superb and hats off to dileep for selecting this role.It would be good if you can share your experience when you approached Dileep and Sreenivasan with this story.

    We all are expecting a lot from you….

    All the best..

  19. Dear Ranjith,

    Your story and Direction really flaunts a classic touch! right amount of ingredients..
    Thanks a million for giving such a great movie!!

  20. Indu,Anooj,Aju,


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