Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 8, 2009

A fresh Week/end

After probably 7 months I spend a whole week/weekend watching movies.It used to be my routine before I went into passenger preproduction.The good habit has come back again.I was not in the right mind set after passenger release since there was hell lot of marketing jobs.Once that was almost done I went into this new script…missed so many good movies in between I guess.

I started off from friday with MILK.I had just completed the first draft of my new script and was in the right mood.MILK is a beautiful movie,wonder when India will be ready for such movies.I dont mean the homosexuality/content part but the realistic execution of an event in a commercial movie..way too far i guess..

I wanted to see Dev D for long.It was pretty interesting.I followed it up with another one from Anurag kashyap-Gulaal.Gulaal again is an interesting watch.

I swtiched on to bourne series again for a change.I wanted to revisit it for long.Pretty neatly executed series.

Tried to watch Dilli-6 yesterday.Slept after an hour.Its drastic to see the maker of Rang De Basanti make a film like Dilli-6.I dont say its a bad movie,but quite uninteresting for my taste.Probably thats what success does to some-overconfidence.

Anyway its a nice change.Wanna watch a lot more in the coming days.Getting the DVDs ready:)



  1. Hey..may be mere coincidence I too got a VCD of Dilli-6 last week and turned off the player after 1 hour..
    anyways I loved the songs..Also watched the Tamil version of 13B, seeing a horror (!!!) movie after a long gap, so enjoyed it.

    Hope you are trying something new for your new script.

  2. I recently watched a thriller/film-noir from the early 40s (during WWII)
    by Hitchcock- “Shadow of a doubt”.

    grt thriller, and suspenseful.

    The basic plot is about an uncle from the east coast
    coming to visit her niece in the west in California.
    She eventually finds out that the uncle is probably some one else…

    the opening sequences were well done …

  3. I loved 13B sijith.Its one of the best horror movies i have seen form india.Grt concept.Sadly i dont think it got the kind of acceptance it shud have.Thts a prob with horror subjects here i guess..

    Havent seen shadow of doubt george.will try it out.

  4. Maashe

    Don’t forget our “Manichitrathaazhu”, that background music is still haunting..
    2 years back I had set my ring tone with this music..within 2 weeks I got two calls regarding the unexpected death of two of my close relatives that also around 2 AM (

  5. Mnichithrathazhu is more a psychological thriller right?
    I like the new mediums they used in 13 B.

    Saw valkyrie and constant gardener yesterday.constant gardener is something really well written.seeing it almost after an year.valkyrie like milk is the kind of treatment you can only dream of here.valkyrie reminded me of the last days,a docu series produced by spielberg.I cried watching a docu drama watching it.Thats called sincere,right from the heart touching stuff!

  6. ‘Yaavarum nalam’ is better than 13B (hindi version). Milk is a great movie, loved Sean Penn in that movie. I’ve not Shadow of a doubt, but is a great admirer of other Hitchcock movies like Physco, Birds, Marnie etc. After long wait, i could see Aamir last week on DVD – pretty impressive movie.


  7. I do agree Mnichithrathazhu is more a psychological thriller, but there is a horror element in it like I said before – the background music and sharp looks of Shobhana.

    For me, exorcist series is the best horror movies I have ever seen ( don’t ask me how many horror movies I have seen so far..;) )here too the horror factor is the BGM- Silence is the best BGM to fill fear in you. But in our industry most of the time we depends on high voltage musical instruments. .

    I think in India horror concepts are not as popular as the western “Haunted Mansion” movies.

    There was a Telugu/Hindi movie by Ram Gopal Varma called Raat (Revathi was the lead actress), had a different treatment all together.


  8. “But in our industry most of the time we depends on high voltage musical instruments. ”

    Melodrama seems to be quite popular in Indian cinema
    compared to the other industries…we mix that with every other genre.

  9. “I think in India horror concepts are not as popular as the western “Haunted Mansion” movies.”

    that is the most cliched horror subject…the “haunted” mansion topic.

    the best horror films such as William Friedkin’s The Exorcist, or Ridley Scott’s Alien,
    to John Carpenter’s Halloween, or a Kubrick movie such as The Shining …
    or eastern films such as Miike’s Audition or Kim Ji-woon’s A Tale of Two Sisters
    rise above the cliche…and take the genre to a whole new level.

  10. Ya i meant Yaavrum nalam.I really liked it.
    I am itching to make a horror movie.Its one of my favorite genre.
    I have a subject but it needs more time to get ripe.

  11. Watched Dilli 6 completely yesterday.Not that dissappointing as i thot watching the first hour.

  12. you may not see the bollywood movie heroes by Samir Karnik and penned by Aseem Arora. it doesn’t reach heights where it need to be. but it is a must watch.

  13. thanks frames.
    will try to see it.

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