Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 10, 2009

Wake up thoughts

There is a good write up in mangalam daily today on terrorism mentioning Vilapangalkkappuram and Passenger.I liked the comment in the article which said “The only way to fight terrorism is to strengthen democracy”.Cant put it more clearer.

Link to the article here.

Hindu today also has an article on the plight of new directors in malayalam.Actually it feels pretty nice to wake up and see people write about you:)

Another wake up call was from a restaurant owner whom i went to have some snacks couple of days back.Me and Smitha were down with food poison eating from there.It was a vegetarian restaurant and the poison could have occured from the chutney or curd vadai as its uncooked.Esp since the kids were not affected since they dint take chutney.

I called up the hotel immediately.They tried to justify as usual,I calmly told them I did not call to complain or to report to food officer,but just to make sure that others are not affected.You are running this business,getting money,dont give such pain to your customers.Give them good food.Then he apologised.

Today the restaurant owner called to say they have taken rectification measures and they are going to cook chutney as well from today.He said  probably many would have been affected before(its a popular hotel),but no one complained and hence he was unaware.He thanked me for lodging the complaint.

Felt happy after that.See most must not have complained since its not a life threatening thing, just trouble for a night.Instead they might have pledged never to go to that hotel again and told all their friends around the same.Thats not the right way for me.There should be a chance for someone to correct themselves.

Now I can safely go to this hotel again.

Please make your voice hear.You can make a difference.



  1. You said it..I think that is what the same message you communicated through you film. Hope you and family fine now.

  2. Yes,thanks sijith.

  3. how innocently positive you are…
    hope you wont face the same plight again in the same hotel
    for them obeying your request is just an obligation
    running hotel profitably is their business
    being popular thay are assured of customers
    who dont care what they ate

  4. its the way you look at it indu:)

  5. I like your way of communication with the restraunt owner.
    If I am the person who faced it I would have shouted… :)-

    I recall a Dutch proverb..

    “A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.”

  6. Yes aju,
    patience always pays.
    i visited the hotel again recently and they have changed the chutney recipe.looked and tasted different:)

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