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Some of the best comments I received for Passenger from celebrities


MT Vasudevan Nair -Outstanding perfomance by Jagathy sreekumar.A movie which should be watched.

KG George – Congrats

Balachandramenon-Great effort.A pure movie without “mayam”

Blessy-Fantastic! I cant treat this subject so cleanly.

Bhagyalakshmi-Congrats.A great debut

Civic Chandran -Thanks for restoring the faith in the common man.

Priyanandanan-This boy got great observation

Surya Krishnamurthy-The movie still lives with me even after watching days back

Sibi Malayil– Congrats!

VR Sudhish-I cried watching this movie.

K Madhu -Congrats.A well made thriller.

B Unnikrishnan -Congratulations.

Major Ravi-You proved one only needs common sense to make movies!

Sathyan Anthikkad -Beautiful!

Lal Jose – Superb!

Madhupal -Passenger is like rain in a desert

Anoop Menon – Hats off!

K Gireesh Kumar – Perfect script!Nothing negative to point out

Sanjay(Bobby)-Hats off!Come back with more such “shocking” movies

Manoj Pillai – The best movie of recent times.

KB Venu– Completely a directors movie!Highly recommended

Kalvoor Ravikumar – A much needed movie for malayalam

Babu Janardhanan – Brillaint movie

Mani Shornur – We need to see more from you

PV Gangadharan-Kalakki!

Lalu Alex-I am a fan:)

MV Nikesh Kumar – Congrats

VK Prakash-Superb movie.A treat to watch

Bipin Prabakar-Great screenplay

Kalabhavan Mani-The best movie

Sabu Cherian(Producer)-Very good effort

Anil Menon-Very good

Chali Pala-Touching

Anil Murali-Mind blowing

Santha Murali(Producer)-Great debut effort

TG Ravi-Very interesting movie

Hussain(Producer)-It seems you exactly made the movie you wanted to

Milan Jaleel(Producer)-A totally new movie.

Salavudeen(Producer)-You could make it exactly the way you wanted since you directed.

Joshy-Fantastically shot

Lal-The best part was the dileep-sreeni scene in train.

Rohan Krishna(Pattalam)-Brillaint effort.

C R Nilakantan – Highly recommended

Vidyadaran-Wonderful movie

Indrajith-Very good


Out of all the fantastic reviews passenger generated from the media I felt most happy reading the hindu story



  1. great encouraging comments for a debundant director… iniyum parayaatha nalla commentukal manassilullavar orupaadu kaanumennu urappaanu.

    best of luck for your new project.


  2. Dear Ranjith:

    You certainly were able to bring to the screen an edge-of-the-seat thriller based on day to day life. Honestly, I did not really think what the climax was going to be as I was really sucked in by the pace of the movie. That was true magic. Surely a screenplay to kill for. A great movie in the thriller genre within realistic premises after Pappettan’s “Season” “Kariyilakkattupole” and K. G. George’s “Yavanika”!! With your debut, you have proven that your influences are truly global, and I haven’t seen a decent thriller movie in Tamil or Hindi in a long time. Kudos to you, magician!!!!

  3. Thanks Reji and drishyan.

  4. One of the best Mallu movies I’ve seen in ages. You’ve managed to get great performances from your cast & crew. Whats next?

  5. Thanks Rasmi.I have completed the new screenplay.thinking of casting these days.

  6. Great. How do you go about casting? When do you start shooting? Im curious to know how movie making works and hence the twenty questions 🙂

  7. rasmi,
    casting based on script and characters:)
    shooting based on casting:)

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