Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 15, 2009

New York

I watched this movie yesterday.

Fantastic movie.

Easily the most powerful,relevant,significant movie that has come out from bollywood.

Give it a try if you already havent.Terrorism,love,hatred,changing years..all captured brillaintly by kabir khan.The best part was that it covered most perspectives to terrorism.Maachis dealt with a similar subject but this one is a true international movie from bollywood.

Yashraj can be proud that they made this.



  1. actually i don’t see that movie till now but i love kabir khan from his first movie Kabul express ,especially the climax.

  2. Didn’t watch New York especially cuz of the cast. Well now I’ll give it a whirl. 😉 I’m dying to watch Inglourius Basterds. Hope Tarantino lives up to our expectations. Are you a Tarantino fan?

  3. Not really abi

  4. i see newyork after a long time from release ,just before onam. it help me to watch it in a teatre with a less no. of audence ,less than 15 in balcony .so i can enjoy it but expect a good camera work ,wat can it deliver ,wat about the climax ?dammed?Kabul express have a wonderful climax but this one…(foot note:sir dont allow people to say passenger wat a film but this one…)best wishes!!!!

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