Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | September 14, 2009

Think Global,Act Local

Very inspiring read.Was forced to post this here!



  1. fristly thanks for the link ……

    i used to read your posts after a matinee of passenger . I go for your film only because i spoted sreenivasan sir on the poster and i know ,nowadays he is very selective.On the opening credits i see a “thanks to LalJose”. So I think the director may be some one who was lal jose sir’s assosiate. I enjoy the film very well.So i googled for ranjith sanker and found ranjithsankar on wordpress.Still then i read all your posts.Now i think you don’t have time to write.But this time the link you provide a good read

    so sir please post the names of good movies ,books and links of good posts you read and watch

  2. Thanks framez.i will try to write a post on my favorites.

  3. Just thought of sharing this link:

    the next movie by Fahrenheit 9/11 – Capitalism A Love Story. Just saw a program on this movie on CNBC America today and the promo and the interview were good.

  4. i had found something

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