Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | October 15, 2009


Sorry for not writing for sometime.

I was reworking the script.I felt it was perfect 2 months back,there was so much to improve.I feel its almost done now,there are still things to improve.I am very happy that I dint go for casting earlier,now have a better picture i guess..Yes,patience always pays.

Another happy news.A dubai based group is giving away AMMA awards every year for malayalam cinema.Passenger is nominated for 11 categories this year.Check out their site here.

And share market is up and seems to be running.Good going sensex!




  1. i am very much excited to see u here. i have seen your movie. i like it . brilliant effort.

  2. Thanks Anish

  3. All the best Bhai..Hope Passenger would get a good show in the Award night. Waiting for that good news.

  4. Have casted my opinion.

    Of the nominations, personally i feel Passenger should ATLEAST get recognized in the categories “Socially committed film, Anti hero and New Face in Direction”.

    Someway, i could not agree with few of the nominations for all categories. Many may raise eyebrows to see ‘Lal’ as a New Face in Direction.

    All the best Ranjith.


  5. Did u see Pazhassi raja? how much did u like it?



  7. “I am very happy that I dint go for casting earlier,”

    As a viewer I am really appreciate your attitude. That is your real success.


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