Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | October 31, 2009

First Award for Passenger

Infact 2 at Dubai Amma awards.

Best socially committed movie

Best Anti Hero for Jagathy Sreekumar.

They are giving away the awards at Sharjah Cricket stadium next week(6th).



  1. congrats renjithetta….i expected the new director award too…

  2. Thanks praveen.I think they scrapped the new director award:)

  3. Great…
    I’m happy to see the results matching with what I felt about Passenger (as mentioned in my earlier comment that Passenger should ATLEAST get recognized in the categories “Socially committed film, Anti hero and New Face in Direction“)

    congrats Ranjith!!!! Long way to go….


  4. Nice Ranjith..

    Glad to hear the news..Even I voted for the 3 categories and Passenger won the 2 out of that..Jagathy’s performance was remarkable and he deserves this award and Passenger deserves the ‘Socially Commited’ movie title as well.


  5. Passenger is a movie that gave a new face for the Catagorised actor Jagathy Sreekumar. He gave us a genuine and first of all, a natural performance. Jagathy proved that he is capable of far more than the humour based ones. The award for Jagathy is worth & i think i should not leave without thanking the Director who counted on Jagathy for such a different role(of anti-hero).

    And ‘Passenger’ could have been a better commercial success..

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