Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | November 13, 2009


Yes the biggest success story of kerala in recent times is back.

I am sure he is back learning from the hard times.

Really it gives lots and lots of personal pleasure to see young men fighting the odds and making them count!

All the best to Sreesanth.

Hope he can grow into one of the best pace bowlers of India from here.

I wanna make a movie on him.Wish Iqbal was not made:)

Its really haeartening to see young guys from ordinary backgrounds making the impossible.

Hats off to them!



  1. Hope he will focus on the real game…. 🙂


  2. Heard that Passenger’s Tamil rights have been purchased by Kavithalaya. Congrats!!! Hope the tamil version will keep the charm and freshness of the original.


  3. frinds did u ever feel that you r leaving in a bad world?
    see the short film “smile pinki”.It is the film which got oscar for the best short film in 81st Annual Academy Award. Directed by Megan Mylan , an american was shot in Varanasi and Mirzapur area,when Dany Boyel shoot Slumdog in Mumbai.May be it is a coincidence that two american directors got oscar in same year for their work in india.
    watch it and think about the doctors who strike in our medical college.
    ,……..and sir can i suggest Prabhu Deva for ur dream project on Sreesanth?

  4. Hi ranjith,

    Just now watched few glimpses of AMMA awards ceremony in Kairali, you and Aashiq Abu receiving the awards. It is always go debutant directors receiving appreciation.

    Congrats once again!


  5. wanna see smile pinki framez.
    thanks drishyan


  7. sir did u know wat did sree sreenivasan studied in adayar….acting/direction/screenplay?

  8. Good subject. But I always wonder why sports sequences are poorly shot in malayalam movies. ‘Goal’ was almost an exception.

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