Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | February 20, 2010

Back to college

I have been visiting many colleges/universities for arts club inaugurations,interactions etc etc for the past some months.When I got a call from my MA college of Engg,Kothamangalam i was thrilled.I did not want to miss it at any cost.

I politely refused their offer for providing conveyance.I wanted to drive through all my old days.I called up a college friend Jomy to see if he was free to travel with me.He was equally interested.Actually I hadnt gone back to my college since I left there.Long 12 years!

It was a great drive.We mostly talked our old college days.We stopped for a break at the college junction.It was changed ofcourse,but not that much..Mayura lodge,our book stores, were all still there.Plenty of ATMs.I was thinking how we used to wait for money from home,taking loans from for todays students ATMs are  just meters away.Salute to technology guys!

I reached the college and immediately liked it that they dont allow students cars/bikes inside.Showoffs are not the order of the day anymore:)

Before going for the function I requested the union guys for some time to just roam around the college.An inter collegiate festival was happening there-Sanskrithi.Roamed through the old classes,canteen,labs,auditorium..Our final year class has now become a seminar hall.

Met some of the old teachers.Most had seen my movie and liked it.Saw some short films made by students.Not bad at all I must say.

Met the current principal and dept heads.I told them how the four years in this college had helped me become independent and gain confidence.Principal presented me with a memento.I have requested for a copy of the snap,that was special.

When I was offered food,i said I would rather have it from college canteen.After our labs we used to roam around there for snacks,coffee..Met our old canteen chettan.He said 2 other old students who were in love while studying had come with their  kids(big now) just before us.I could immediately imagine that nostalgic walk down the memory lane.Special!

On my way back I drove into the college hostel.Again cars and bikes are not allowed inside.Cool.A cricket match was going on in the ground.Just went through the our old rooms.The new inmates had locked them all:(

Travelled through all our old places in Kothamangalam.I was never an enterprising student,I knew few then and few knew me as well.I lived mostly in my world of dreams all those years.Dont think I enjoyed those days as I should have.But that was me:)

Still for anyone college days are special isnt it?memories and memories for anyone to pick up from every brick and pieces…

A good day!



  1. Ofcourse, it is special and i could assume hw much u wud have been thrilled n dreamed the previous nite of the journey.

  2. Its always nice to go back to college days once in a while.. nice feeling.

  3. College times are the best, when dreams, love and ethics are in the air. But that can continue if one never stops learning 🙂

    My friend mentioned about your movie this Saturday. Said passenger was a great hit and a must watch. Unfortunately I had not seen it but could not wait, went to the Malayali store and got the movie.

    Could not see fully, but liked what I saw, will complete tonight and then pen my thoughts.

    Also there is nothing wrong in you claiming it as path breaking, the point is not if it breaks any new paths, but it definitely speaks a new type of narration and a refreshing one 🙂

    Well Done


  4. nice writing….


  5. Thanks everyone.

  6. Renjith,
    I liked this writing .. I too have visited MACE very recently with my family.. Each time, it’s special . Wish V cud get those days back ..

  7. No posts since long time… busy with Arjunan.. would like to have more updates on the movie….


  8. If you dont remember, let me remind you. I’m the Jithin who made the first official call from the Hospitality Wing. The event was a grand success and we are all grateful from all our hearts to you for sparing our time and bearing with our modest arrangements.

    Thank You, Sir.

  9. Hi Ranjith,

    No news since long time… Hope Arjunan is on track.


  10. College Junction …..a Nostalgic place. i spend long 14 years in a school close to College Juntion , and MACE was more or like a second home ….Love that place

  11. Your first movie was very different. I enjoyed it a lot. I have not yet watched Arjunan Saakshi.
    Today only I knew that you are a exMACEan. So wentto explore about you in Google:-)
    Your narration of the visit to MACE took me back to those wonderful days there..

    Looking forward for more good movies from you..
    All the very best..

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