Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | April 10, 2010

Snehasallapam gettogether

I always  looked at the growth of this online media with disbelief.First time when i saw Mathrubhumi weekly publishing the best blogs,I was really excited.Imagine they are sparing 2 or 3 full pages to reproduce an article from web!It is really growing into proportions beyond all expectations.

I had heard of bloggers meet happening in places.One of my friends attended one in Kochi recently.I was told they frequently discussed fake identities.Thats something bloggers can only discuss I guess:)

I am an active member of forums like and used to be together sometime back,but online politics split them into two almost an year back.Both independent entities are performing brilliantly since then:)

Both these forums conducts gettogethers frequently in different cities.There was even a simultaneous gettogether in chennai,dubai,london,kochi etc recently on the same date to show comradry very recently!There was even an online youth festival recently in snehasallapam with members submitting their entries online.

I couldnt attend some such gettogethers earlier since I was busy on the said date.I just returned back from one I could attend today,conducted by

It was wonderful.Some 40 members who knew each other only by their avatars in their forum meeting up!Great coordination and team work.Members flew in from almost everywhere.I met guys who said they even scheduled their holidays to suit the date!

Met some very old online friends,who must have heard me discussing passenger online in early 2000s:)..Met some very new guys,some students,veterans,professionals all part of one big family.Even after so many gettogethers most still call each other by their avtar names,no wonder.The dubai members who couldn’t attend send cards,wishes..I could discover some true friendship there.

Was a very new experience for me.

Salaam internet!



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  2. Thanks a lot pfc (for those you who doesnt know, pfc is the abbreviation for passionforcinema, his user name)
    It was a wonderful experience and a really nice day for all of us..

    The guy at the hotel was asking me as we checked out, “What get together is this”.
    On being told that it was a online forum of moviebuffs, he gave a 10 min lecture on present state of malayalam cinema :). We can expect another member soon perhaps…

  3. Excellent efforts, Ranjith. Wished if I could join as well, anyways time was a short stock and could not make it. Am following the forums to get an update.

  4. Thanks pfc,

    Couldnt meet you.
    As i was only in the initial part of the get together.
    Meeting everyone was so exciting and none ever bothered to ask even the names, as one and all were so comfortable calling the user names each other 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.


  5. thanks pfc for ur participation

  6. Thanx for the write up… feeling miserable not being able to attend… could not find any excuse to escape work as my entire team was slogging… :(…

    Anyway there is always a next time… Great to hear that guys from different parts of the world landed up… awesome spirit…

  7. Thanks PFC.
    Thirakkinidayilum SS- g2gil pankeduthathinu prathyeka abhinandhanangal.

  8. Your blog just added salt to injury…injury being missing the g2g…Saw the pictures…hrd the reviews…Gr8 to knw everyone had fun!!!


  9. PFC ,Thanks for your appreciation and its a shame that i missed it , hopefully can make it next time and big kudos to the organizers good one guys …

  10. Great going guys.
    Keep up the spirit.

  11. hi PFC
    i am a new member of FK, u know how interested i’m in this…
    lets discuss more….and more… not only cinema…
    gud luck for your all efforts…

  12. Thanks PFC for the participation and sharing your thoughts with other SS members..Also best wishes for your next venture Arjunan Sakshi…Adarshadheeran

  13. Nice to see this writeup here. I was not here so cudn’t make it.
    I think I really missed the event.

    Hopefully I’ll join the nxt get together.

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