Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | April 30, 2010

The Days Around

A very bad day.I see other language Sura and Housefull released in our theaters today while our movies Katha thudarunnu.pokkiri raja etc waiting in the cans owning to strike!Now what can you call that!

Attended the FEFKA directors union General body yesterday.Hope the association can do something about this huge embarrassement.Saw some scenes and songs from Katha thudarunnu.Looks fresh.Asif Ali is an actor to look for.

Was in chennai last week for the world malayalee council awards.It seems seatbelts and helmets are not mandatory in chennai now.My driver told me put it on if u feel concerned,you should be more concerned about your life than police:)..Award ceremony was cool.Could once again see Mr Kamal Haasan from close after Asianet awards.

Could interact with some leading directors recently.Strangely realise this.Stars has become an integral part of our routines.Noone wants to try something minus stars in the existing scheme of things.Someone needs to break the ice.

We need new stars here.



  1. Hi Maashe,

    Nice to read your post after a long time. I have not much expectations from Kadha Thudarumbol and Pokkiri raja. I might watch Kadha Thudarumbol, since one of my friend worked for that movie..otherwise wait for the DVD. Bought a Passenger DVD last week and watched once more. Enjoyed it again.

    I would correct your last line:
    “We need new stars here” to We need good actors here.


  2. Hi Ranjith,

    I am a television producer in Mumbai, are you Trivandrum based? I would really like to meet up with you in case I come to Trivandrum any time. I would also like to introduce you to my short film ‘Paradise Calling’, do visit the site



  3. Thanks Sijith.

    I am in kochi suresh.Sure can meet up.

  4. Malayalam film industry is in a real mess!

  5. Isn’t it bad to keep restrictions that other language movies are to be released only after 2 weeks?

  6. Malayalam film industry is in a real mess – i agree to it… and what public knows is only a tip of the iceberg…

    ranjith, how can we help?

    did u watch T D Dasan … think u should do ur bit to promote the movie.


  7. Hope it comes out of it clean and shining ranjeeth.

    Well for distributors/exhibitors it cud be profitable actually.An other language flop movie can be bough t at almost 1/10th the price after release.Yes if its a hit u wil have to pay more.

    By watching good movies drishyan.Yes i did watch T D Dasan.Its an interesting movie,some unnecessary mysteries towards the end i felt for a common viewer.

  8. Malyalam films are lacking thinking producers. I believe in malayalam we have got great market for family movies with humour backdrop.Consider the movies which have got reasonably good response from theaters recently 2 harhar nagar,happy husbands,ghost house.Even movies like ivar vivahitharayal,duplicate,ividam swarghamanu,makante achan did decent jobs at theaters.Even though told in a different style passenger was also a good family entertainer.Ok one Puthiya mukham might have done well due to freshness in fight sequence. But still one man show movies did not do that well compared to other movies.They might get support of fans and initial pull but final result is decided by families and neutral movie lovers.But still producers are coming up with superstar movies and crying that they have lost money.My friends if you are putting your money without knowing the market you are bound to loss money. Please enter the production field after studying the market. Even average family movies are doing good at theaters so do not go after high budget action thrillers.Come out with brilliantly crafted family entertainers and save yourself and malayamam movie industry.

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