Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 6, 2010

Justice,is it?

Kasab finally gets a verdict from our system.

The govt spent 35 crores on him so far!

Wont mind spending another 350 crores,but only if our system can project him as a living evidence to sponsored international terrorism.

If they can use him to expose the real culprits to the world!

So that such acts are not repeated..

So that such forces are singled out from our society..

But,will it happen?

Why not dears?Do we stand a better chance than this?



  1. They would not like to expose the real culprits behind it. Do you really think this mammoth task of holding a full city on ransom for nearly 3 days was done by those 10 drugged boys and their masters across the border without any local support? I always felt there is strong need to carry out a thorough inquiry against the so-political guardians of the city.

  2. I beieve its possible paresh.If 10 people can bring twin towers down whats Mumbai?

  3. My personal opinion is that the verdict is not enough. As you said, he could’ve been projected as a living evidence rather than just execution. Terrorists are immune to death, they are trained to enjoy it. Rather he could’ve been given a life sentence ( note like the 11 year cut short version ). Lack of freedom for a life time is in my opinion equal to a 100 death sentence. But again, may be on the cost of another Kandahar.

  4. do u belive one good film(passenger) change the messy malayalam film industry? this too is like that….look this(

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