Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 12, 2010

Katha Thudarunnu..

Watch it today Guys!
The Sathyan Anthikkad movie of the Decade…
Rocking script!
Undoubtfully the best from sathyan anthikkad.
Loved it!
Every actor as natural as it can get!
Those writing this off as another routine sathyan anthikkad movie..
I humbly request to watch it once more with an open heart..
U shud actually..Or u mite be missing a cool movie experience.

Sathyan anthikkad now believes in the growth of malayali audience to accept new commerical movies.
U can sense it.
Keep the show going..
We need it here…



  1. I could not see the movie.But one of my friends who saw it said that it goes in a very slow pace .Also online reviews like indhulekha have given very poor rating to this movie.Check

  2. I am waiting for the release in Bangalore. Eventhough I did not like his recent scripts (60% mark to Bhagyadevatha), this one is there in my list. And waiting for Oru Naal Varum/Malarvaadi Arts club.

  3. Ranjith, I totally agree with you… it is amazing that a filmmaker sticks to his formula, still makes refreshing movies year after year.:)

  4. Hi Ranjith,

    Checking your blogs for the first time. Let me admit, i havent seen your “Passenger” movie. But my friend who saw says its good. So its there in my list of “to be seen” movies. Also about Katha Thudarunnu, my movie buff friend says, its good. He says “Malayalitham ulla” nalla cinema. He says its pacing is slow.

    Hope we create movies where the characters just dont speak malayalam, but has “Malayalitham” gelled along with a good story line.

  5. I always wonder when people ponder on the pace of movies.For me its not about jump cuts and fancy shots,but how effectively a story is told,how scenes are made relevant and not repetitive..

    Katha thudarunnu moves at just the required pace,the right relevant scenes and dialogues..It has a supremely confident director in control of the movie completely. This movie just puts him to the league of masters here.Hope he goes from strength to strength from here and make real gems!That man is a genius..Always felt it and wanted to shout it loud wheneven someone tried to state his contributions were less in his good movies!Noone cares about bad movies..Its tough to be a director!!

  6. One of the best dialogues for me was when jayaram grabs mamta at the railway station.She does not want to lose her prestige infront of her kid..hence she says..

    Njan ningalude koode varam…

    That mindset is fantastically caught in that dialogue..probably she wud have been a sex worker from there if jayarams character was an exploist!Life changes there..and there is hope..And there is hope in return as well as mamta promises to help them all,since she has prospects of a good life now at the end!

    Few days..few people..small help..defining moments in life..

  7. I strongly feel that Sathyan Anthikkad should move out of his comfort zone. He should try other genres. I mean, I know what to expect in his movies. Come on, surprise me!!! 🙂

  8. Yes Ranjith. I too noticed that dialogues. My thoughts on this scene was like..she had realized Jayaram is a harmless character on her autorikshaw journey with him, so she was confident enough to convince him about her mischief act/ helpless situation, which made her to tell him boldly.. “Njan ningalude koode varam…” .

    Any more thoughts from anyone..?

  9. Ranjith,

    I do have different opinion on the film. Sathyans’ film has gone below his own standards when he started writing scripts his own. Anyway kadha thudarunnu was better than last 4 i guess. But second half was not that impressive. and Jayarams’ hero character was a real burden for the story.

    I felt it funny when Jayaram started all of a sudden with Mamta with some romantic expressions. Ingane oru nayakane thiruki ketti premippikkanda enthelum karyam undayirunno?
    Pinne, casting was really good as usual. Specially, kallan narayanan, srejith ravi, mallika etc etc

    – Ajith

  10. i didnt see the film ,but i think sathayan sir’s era end with Manassinakkare .now i cant belive he is the one made the thriller “Pingami “

  11. Pingami was below-average!

  12. i dont think so….pingami had a good story line …only thing i dont like in it is the role of innocent.(i dont expect a PHYSCO from these people)

  13. Why can’t we expect more? We should! Why should we relish mediocre stuff?

  14. we have to expect… that is the role of moviegoers ……but where r our movies?thay still on the 200 year old victorian melodrama format…

  15. I never liked rasathanthram, hated Vinodayathra, cannot remember Innathe chinthavishayam and felt 10 years older after watching Bhagyadevatha – BUT regarding ‘Kath Thudarunnu’ I agree with Ranjith on one note – the movie shows a supremely confident screen writer Sathyan Anthikkad. This may not be the best of Sathyan, but this is his best screenplay ever.

    Dialogues are simple, jokes are well knitted to the story premises, situations are genuine and ending is realistic. Over and above, when was the last time we saw a hero falling in love with a widow mother, but hesitant to tell it.

    The screenwriter’s graph is on a rise and let us wait for sathyan to come up with a “Masterpeice Sathyan Anthikkad’ movie.

    Last but not least, everyone like it or not, he is the only person in Malayalam movie field who has got minimum guarantee!!!


  16. Saw the movie today. Just another Satyan film. I knew the ending of the movie from the title itself. What is Mamukkoya’s role in the movie? I didn’t get it! He neither shares screen space with Jayaram or Mamta, nor does his character add anything to the movie. The movie shows a community in a bad light. Could have avoided it. Anyways..the movie is a winner. Clean decent watch.

  17. ok. forgot to mention. Mamta’s husbands casting was also excellent. ( I dont know his name, saw him only in ritu). In the first song, i felt that he resembles surya(tamil).

    – Ajith

  18. I had relatively high expectations for this film after watching nonsensical Malayalam movies for the past couple of years (barring a few very good ones, Passenger included, of course). I was very, very disappointed by the script, the (lack of) editing, the direction, even the songs!

    What happened to subtlety? Example: instead of openly asking for (what I presumed was) a sexual favor in exchange for a clerical job, why couldn’t the manager/MD/whatever authority figure he was simply have given a “look” that creeped out the otherwise-smart heroine? Why did a heroine who was supposedly so strong give up after one bad interview? Earlier, why didn’t she try harder to get back the money that Shanavas had lent to others?

    I liked that her parents didn’t show up at the end of the movie, keeping to their word of not ever seeing their daughter again. I didn’t like the random references to Islam that were interspersed randomly and then abandoned altogether. I didn’t like the casting of that terrible Asianet “Comedy” program’s anchor as a “doctor.” She looks like she’s 18; how can she realistically play a doctor, and a married doctor at that? And the whole “thank God you learned CPR in medical school, or [KPAC Lalitha’s character] could have died” shpeal? Seriously?

    The child actress who played Mamta Mohandas’ character’s daughter was cute, no doubt. The over-acting kicked me in the gut each time, though. Spend time with real kids; they don’t giggle at every other word.

    My rating: C-. I appreciated the reality of the situation (minus the perfect hair on Mamta for every shot, no matter where she was sleeping), but it could have been executed better.

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