Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 24, 2010


Just returned from a Nelliyampathy trip.Reminded me of how important it is to go back to nature,atleast occassionally.Something which can rejuvenate you to an altogether new level.

Took a morning safari to Mampara Peak.My driver told me I can expect a tiger or wild elephant in the road anytime.Even the though was scary,how much you love nature!..Fortunately there was no tiger for us that day.

There was a farm next to the guest house we stayed.It was a sight with monkeys,goats,squirrels,cow..what not..These guys are quite self sufficient.They cook their own cultivated crops and feed their guests as well.

Reminded me of movies like “The Horse Whisperer” and “Bridges of Madison County” somehow.Always wanted to make something on those lines..This location I have to say is mind blowing.The climax of Bhramaram was shot at Mambara peak..But believe me there is so much more to explore there..

I wish Nelliyampathy remain the same .Virgin and newly old..

Dont want more munnars!



  1. Malayalam movie can explore many beautiful locations in kerala itself instead of going abroad for shooting.There are many beautiful places in kerala which have not been used that effectively in movies.Also i want to see some good entertainers dealing with environmental problems.Not art films.I think we can make good entertainers which projects problems related to environment in an indirect manner.

  2. Hi Renjith chetta,

    I too agree with you…Nelliampathy is so beautiful..visited Nelliampathy last year,its such a beautiful place in Kerala..especially the jeep journey towards Mambara peak…The place where Mohanlal’s jeep overtook Suresh Menon’s and MuraliKrishnan’s jeep is so near to Mambara peak….
    We should have to reach there by morning 6’0 clock atleast…The colour tone of the sky will be a treat to ur eyes…
    @all ..Dont miss this place…visit will be above ur expectations..

  3. Had a similar experience at Kudagadri last year, it was early in the morning…
    If u get a chance, pay as visit to Thusharagiri waterfalls near kozhikode, almost the same place since ages (except a tourism toilet cum coffee shop)…
    Can u suggest a good place to stay at Nelliyampathy?


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