Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | June 7, 2010

Bhopal verdict-what a shame!

A sad day!

Is there any country in the world which has such outdated laws as ours? And it took 25 years for this.SalaamIndia!!

We deserve this system guys..Coz we are bloody damn concerned. Lets have sympathy for the victims,anger for the system, pray and go to sleep.Unfortunately we realise there is something more to be done only when we are a victim..

But by then probably it would be a bit too late…



  1. Right. We need fast justice.

    Remember salim kumar’s dialogue in achanurangatha veedu
    “indira gandhiye konnavare sikshikkan 10 kollam eduthu, enikkum ente makkalkum udane neethi kitty”

  2. Why should we blame on laws ..Our Govts itself helped the US giant CEO to escape from the laws..(Based on the media reports on Arjun Singh’s hands on Andersons’ escape to US)..

    Read article on the endosulfan pesticide victims in Mathrubhumi (last week issue). I was following this news from the starting and after reading the article felt like how much we are aware of the climatical changes these kind of issues brings up.
    I do remember my childhood days were chopters comes for so called “Marunnu Thalikkal” in nearby rubber estates..We were least bothered as this process was good for the plantation :(.

    Adding to your last couple of paras:
    ” We are already victims..that would be the reason behind all these seasonal killer viral fevers/H1N1 etc etc…”

    Meantime, hope you have started rolling camera for “Arjunan Sakshi..”

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