Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | June 13, 2010

Wings of Change!

Its always exciting to see new faces in cinema.Cinema is essentially a medium of young people i beileve.

When a change is round the corner,u just feel a whistle..June and July cud be an important days for future malayalam cinema.

Raavan on 18th,u can check out how far prithvi has in store to be that south indian star even Ms couldnt..Chances i must say are bright!Fingers crossed!

25h June..another interesting week with ONV and Nallavan releasing.It sounds absurd comparing both but I am very excited to see the initials of both.Seems Nallavan has generated some interest .Can the evergreen pair in ONV repeat the magic?Very decisive.

July will see Apoorva ragagal and Malarvadi coming.Very interesting movies.More interstingly they are gonna come with no much opposisitons from the biggies..Gotta strong feeling both are going to be successful and maybe Apoorvaragangal which is lying low key could be the dark horse!

2009 was an indicator,first half of 2010 couldnt live upto it interms of new movies maybe..

But the second half is something to look forward to..


More importantly I beileve its gonna be a turning point for Ms as well.For sure we are gonna see them in 3 or 4 movies an year from now on.They will have time for their movies and for directors who has time for them in return.
Seriously can result in some really really good movies.Which filmmaker wont have that dream of directing Ms atleast once in a landmark movie of theirs?

That could be the most positive thing coming out of 2010!



  1. I really hope ONV doesn’t imitate or mimic yesteryear’s movies. Being a superstar movie which was completed within a limit of 3.5Cr it shd get decent returns.

    Nallavan looks promising, looks forward to see debutant Aji John.

    Apoorva Ragam – we all are desperate to see Sibi back with a bang.

    Malarvadi-I’ve my own reservations – but if Vineeth can pull it off, along with Sibi’s Apoorvaragam, it will a big change in our industry.

    Another movie which I’m looking forward to watch is “Or Iravu” – a Tamil movie with similarities to “Paranormal Activity” and “Black Witch Project”.

    Can we add Arjunan also to our list for 2010?

    Off: watched “China Town” last week on DVD, the old wine still have charisma on it!

    salil | drishyan

  2. Hi Ranjit,

    Just watched one movie called Jadui Pankh aur anya kahaniyaan in Delhi last week. I went without any expectation and i was pleasantly surprised. It is q80 degree different from Slumdog millionaire, both of which are shot in Mumbai slums.,

    Hope you will watch it sometimes..

    Suresh Krishna

  3. I want both apoorvaragam and malarvadi to become massive crowd pullers .Apoorvaragam trailer looks stylish.If nallavan also becomes hits it will be an extra bonus for malayalam film industry which is in desperate need for some change.In case of ONV personally i do not want it to become a hit.I want this big M’s era to be over as soon as possible.
    Also i have taken a decision that i wont see any movies by some senior artists.Since they are not doing any justice to their audience.Come on youngsters you can do it.

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