Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 1, 2010

Lohithadas Puraskaram

It was a wonderful evening.

The function was nostalgic.Sibi Malayil(Jury chairman)explained why script of passenger was chosen for the puraskaram to the audience and media.I was pleasantly surprised when he said one  reason was that Lohithadas himself liked the script and the movie.He had told many close friends regarding it while it was released!!Gave me goosebumps!

Mammukka after giving away the puraskaram said about his interactions with me on passenger.Again a great surprise that he remembered each and every meeting with me and the conversations we had on passenger.Thats what legends are made maybe!

One another happiest part was that my family was present for the function.This was the first award function they were attending.Thats one community one forgets easily when there is success and remembers when there is failure.When someone sets out on an impossible dream it is always  his family who suffers the most through those years,which is always unseen.Was really happy that they were present and were acknowledged.

Met lohi sirs son Harikrishnan at the party that followed.He said passenger was a hot discussion topic in their dinner table during his last days.I am sure we are going to see him active in the industry soon!

The puraskaram looked huge!And it is going to remain the biggest in my heart for ever.



  1. Congrats Renjith. Glad to know you are reaching heights, indeed its a wonderful thing to receive something honorary in the presence of our family and friends.

  2. Great honor, incredible moment…
    congrats once again.

    salil | drishyan

  3. Hi Renjith,
    Very happy to know that you are honoured with Lohithadas puraskaram and it is a proud for me also as I am a MACEAN(Old student M.A.College of engg. mech 1990 batch),now working in Dubai and an active member in MACE alumni dubai chapter.
    Expect more wonderful projects from you and wish all the best for your career.

    thank you,

    Saji P.Varghese

  4. well, we all are waiting for your next film..
    the only hope is a few director/script writers like you.. thanks Ranjith ettaa.. for Passenger 🙂

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