Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 22, 2010


Some 8 years ago I watched Memento from a theater in Washington,I could not follow the movie one bit.My friends there told me it was great hence decided to understand it completely.Bought a DVD and watched it atleast 7 8 times,still there were plot points which confused me.Confusion in a viewers mind never appealed to me as a quality of a movie or a film maker.Hence left it there.

Just came back from Inception.Went into it reading plenty of reviews on its complications.So was disinterested,still just wanted to check it out.Surprisingly the movie unfolded so simply infront of me.Now was it coz I had grown as an audience?Or is it that Nolan has grown as a very very smart commercial director.

Here he was working around with lamost 100 times the budget of a Memento,and yes you can find him very careful.A very smart commercial script.

Yes the idea is indeed new,but look where Nolan has placed it!This again is the age old theme n times repeated…A hero on the run..cases behind him..a family waiting for him..hes dying to go back..but he has to finish that one mission to get there.Do it and take your life.Simple as that.

He has the plans ready.A team ready.Designs ready.Only complication still is his own mind and a past(that reminded memento).And the only enemy is an unexpected “victims” resistence.So his plan go down one level,its challenged,it goes 2nd level,its again challenged,3rd level,he is himself challenged by his past,takes into 4th level and he confronts reality.Plan achieved,his dream achieved as well..Or was that him going down another level?

Loved it!

Most importantly Inceptions success will give Nolan 100 times Inceptions budget for his new dream!




  1. ya!! superb film ..

  2. keen to watch inception sir…pls refer me some guiseppe tornatore classics…..really charged after watching cinema paradiso&malena…….

  3. A good piece.

  4. Nice writing & thoughts .. 🙂

  5. Nice writing & thoughts ..

  6. Yes I saw the movie had a feeling same as when i saw matrix for the first time.but after reading reading the story I understand it but now I like the way ur version of plot man on run to chase for his existence.Never thought of such a thing.Looking forward to your next movie

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