Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | August 12, 2010

AS starts in October

We are starting shooting Arjunan Saakshi in october.Think I have had enough time with it and am completely ready to make it now.

Excited!Think we are gonna make something special.

Will update you on the progress and the other cast /crew details here.



  1. Congrats sir… Waiting for a magic !!!

  2. hope u prove DIFFERENT agian.. good luck !!!!

  3. Best wishes & Prayers

  4. All the best, looking for a great different movie this time again…

  5. This is great news! All the best!!

  6. Read from Prithvi’s Twitter….

    “what a script”

    so excited etta..

  7. Great news!!! have been waiting for this since long time!!!

    best of luck!

    salil | drishyan

  8. Glad to see this..All the best maashe…
    One request, I know it is too early to make this ..but still wanted to make it now (later you will be pulled in to busy schedules..), please release the movie in bangalore without much delays(at least with in one week).


  9. all the best. and waiting for cast n crew details.
    (hope my friend frm Abudhabi will be with you!!)

  10. All the best….

  11. all the best…

  12. all the wishes.. from heart

  13. Congrats Ranjith. Rest of the cast and crew are in India glitz if anyone is interested. Ranjith, Keep us updated with pictures and news we are looking forward to the next super hit

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