Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | August 14, 2010

Independence Day

How do one celebrate independence actually?

Trying to be more independent oneself maybe!



  1. Independence itself is the celebration 🙂 Again it depends on the meaning of Independence.

  2. Celebration could be a natural outcome of one’s own internal satisfaction on accomplishing something. As one has contributed to his own life for a tenure of one year,he feels for a celebration and makes it on his Birthday!!! ,But for his Nation,he knows that he has not contributed anything for the past one year….so naturally he will not feel like celebrating it!!!what a pity!!!!!!

  3. Independence should be a part of life, then celebration will come out naturally.

    However, i personally feel it should not be celebrated in the usual way of “vaikeettu entha paripadi”!!!


  4. INDEPENDENCE is not celebrated every year n all.. i think we in our life should be independent in all matters, shouldnt be waiting for any one elses decision or the like. living freely !!and doing evrything one wishes to not bothering about others !! that would be an independent way to do i guess.

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