Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | August 18, 2010


Happened to read an interview with actor and polititian ganesh kumar in Mathrubhumi magazine onappathippu.

A frank talk.Felt happy when he said that the only different attempt from a director he saw in malayalam recently was Passenger.Never met him,not even talked over phone..

Thats the magic of cinema maybe..

Meanwhile Mathrubhumi and Club Fm are going to be our media partners for Arjunan Saakhi.It will defeniltey make it look more real as we have a lot of media in Arjunan Saakshi.

Busy days!



  1. Ranjith,
    Please make sure that any product placements ( If any ) that you do in the movie dont look put of place.

  2. Do not give much importance to advertisers & radio channels like club fm in the film..remember the disaster of red chillies…

  3. Best of luck Sir, waiting for your next project.

  4. Hi Renjith, I have seen your movie Passenger , it was a very nice movei and good attempt from your side, i wanted to wish you on this , so tried all the web and finally i got a chance trough this site to reach you, any way all the best. i like to have a good frinedship with you Mr Renjith , try to utalize all the good artisit in your filims , so they will give u good outflows,

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