Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | September 4, 2010

Getting Ready

Has started to sink into Arjunan Sakshi almost completely,there are thoughts on it even in dreams:)

Think its a tad different this time from passenger shoot.Expectations were less,responsibilities were less..Always believe one cant go into a movie learning from positives and negatives of the previous one.Coz this one has an altogether new story,new premises,new people to work with..Ofcoz its going to be new rights and wrongs exclusively for this one.

I have sure loved creating Roy Mathew,Anjali Menon,Jomy Lawrence,Feroz Mooppen and the whole bunch of others for AS.Hope to have a great time getting them on reel,get them in the right looks and figures,giving them right premises to behave,enhancing them with music,effects,mixing..!

Dont think its a mechanical process at all converting script from paper to screen.It could infact be the most creative process.A script needs to grow on a shooting set.Need to grow again on a editing table and at each stage until you have a first copy.That makes it creative.Thats makes hearts of people working with you involved in the whole exercise.

Pretty happy so far!



  1. All the best Maashe. When is the planned release XMass???
    Hope AS will bring yet another positive message to the people.

    • Thanks sijith.Jan release.

  2. All the best

    • Thanks:)

  3. all the best…..

    • Thanks binoy.

  4. Thats the way it should happen. The moment the process becomes non-creative, it will hit the passion.

    Were u able to effectively add Valanthakkad issue to Arjunan?

    salil | drishyan

    • Yes the movie starts from the issue.

  5. Did u watch Plus 2?
    Not a great movie but surely has pluses. I felt Shebi is one director who can deliver, but obviously with the right script.


    • No I could,heard good things about it.wanna watch,

  6. All the best Macha….expecting another wonder 4m u…wid prayerz….achu

    • thanks achu.

  7. Hello sir..just cant describe the thrill that i had while i was watchin the movie passenger in the theatre last year. You proved that malayalam cinema still lives.

    You brought out the exact sreenivasan that we wanted. It was and is one of my all time favourites.
    When I see the movies it would be lik..oh my god i wanna direct a movie too[its not easy & by the way nt possible though ;)]..i’m just 17 :D..but i really do like to get into movies..

    After every movie..i ask my mother..did u lyk the movie..appo amma parayum..chodhyam ketal director ivanaaennu thonum..i’l tell her..wait and c..1 day even i’l become a director..she laughs and neglects though..

    Hope u would bring many more movies like passenger sir..sir if u find some time..mail me at got a small suggestion to make..

    Wish u good luck sir.
    Thanks and regards,

    • Thanks Febin.Good luck to you.

  8. gud luck.Expecting another totally different movie from you.

    • Thanks vinticore.

  9. All the best for your next movie. Can I get your mobile number. I am a journalist working in Dhanam Business Magazine.

  10. Hi Ranjith,

    Now I became a frequent reader of your blog to to know the updates of your next venture.

    I am looking forward to that. All the very best!!


    • Thanks surendran.

  11. all the best ji…May this too be a trendsetter!!

    • Thank u.Inshah Allah!

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