Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | September 14, 2010

A Good Day

Got a call from a publisher today morning.They are interested to publish passenger screenplay.Actually some others had approached before but it did not work out for some reasons.Hope it happens this time.

Nominated for best director for the South scope cine awards happening in Hydrebad on 19th.Gave a byte to the organisers today morning on the same.Nominated with the likes of Hariharan and Blessy is an honour in itself for me.Travelling to hydrebad this weekend for the function.

Finished some more reworks on Arjunan Saakshi script today morning.Gonna sit with Biji from tomorrow on the music.Hope he delivers magic!

In office now.Was on half day leave.Got some work here and planning to see Pranchiyettan in the evening.Saw shikkar and liked it.Mohanlal is back in his elements.

Waiting for Pranchiyettan!



  1. Thanks for the update Ranjithetta. Congrats on the nomination once again.

    Heard like all the Ramzan releases are worth watching. Hope, malayalam industry show signs of a come back. Raring to see Shikkar and Pranchiyettan.

    Once again good luck for Arjunan Sakshi. We’re all waiting for a great one. Expectations are high from the creator of “Passenger”. Hope you and your team will deliver a great one. Between, great to know that you’re still working. Thats a great thing you did. Hats off !!!

    • Thanks ARun

  2. The publication of the screenplay of “Passenger” will be a valuable piece, especially in cinema literature. Please include your selected blog posts also with that book.

    • Will try.Thanks mammen

  3. One humble request – please add a write up on the paper-to-film process you had to go through for Passenger… and hope the book is not the post-production version. We would like to read screenplays in their original version, with a note on the differences between the original version of the script and the movie (say like scenes added/deleted later).

    I’d raised this concern in mt PFC article at

    salil | drishyan

    • Thanks salil.

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