Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | September 23, 2010

10th recognition

Surya TV/Kerala producers association award for best debut director!

That infact comes as the 10th major recognition for me through passenger.

Feels great!

Comes at the right time as well.All set to go into Arjunan Saakhi now.

Finished composing songs.Has shaped up interestingly.We are also working on a concept promo.Its in the making.

Expect it soon!



  1. Congrats for the award from Surya TV.Expecting a stunning compose in “Arjunan Saakshi”. Best Of Luck Renjithji

    • Thanks mammen

  2. Dear Renjith,

    Iam Gopalakrishnan, Working as aonline Journalist at Chennai. I like your Movie Making style and presentation..I think We can share some thing Useful for both of us..can send me your facebook ID.



    • Thanks gopal.Search for my name in facebook.

  3. congrats

  4. Many congrats…
    Eagerly awaiting the concept promo…


  5. I watched u telling in an interview about writing a letter to Lohitadas once about ur interest in script-writing. I have a similar request.

    Sir, I know that I should not write such things in a blog comment. But I would really love to let u know one story thread which has been growing in my mind. Kindly let me know. I have named the story as – The Garden Rose.

  6. Sir,
    Yesterday saw Passenger on VCD. It is the best film I have seen from India. And one of its great aspects is that it has no songs. So I was horrified to read that your next film has songs! Why this ?

    • Thanks Moorthy.AS demands 2 songs.simple as that!

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