Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | September 29, 2010


Visited Mumbai after long.The city infact looked less crowded and more planned.Some thinking has gone in from the authorities I guess.

Had an interesting taxi driver on my way to airport.He said he was a team lead at a leading bank few months back.Decided to switch to driver job coz of love for acting.He works in a travel agency in kochi where there are lot of drives for film people.He thus gets a chance to meet them all and put forward his interst during the drive.It can also help him with his livelihood.He is sure hes gonna make it pretty soon.Passion!.Only could wish him all the very best.

Met an old friend in mumbai.Took a walk through the streets.

Kochi is soon becoming mumbai.

Or is it the reverse?



  1. Oru kathayude sphuranam avide manakkunnille. Dont u think that from the conversation of a stranger with a taxi driver, we can build up a strong story.

  2. please give him a chance then… he is a deserved person i feel….

  3. ihi, iam gokul……I have a good subject named “Kathakalkkappuram”.Its a low budjet suspense thriller having seven characters only.I am sure it would be the next big hit in the indian filim industry.This story doesnt need any super star for cast.I got this idea two years before and my friends told me to share this with any lalented Director.I am sure that you have the caliber to picturise this story well.This might be much better than Madhu muttam “Manichithrathazhu”.Kindly sent me you address so that i can post the script.My e mail ID is :

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