Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | October 19, 2010


I remember an evening few years back when I met Amal Neerad for the first time.He was just about to start shooting Big B.I was still far away from my dream called Passenger.Mammukka had met us together.We talked for long that day..about my dreams on movies,about amals vision on cinema around…I watched him shoot Big B from close for few days but we rarely talked.Today after long I messaged him after watching Anwar.

Dont miss Anwar guys.Its undoubtedly the most powerful commercial movie made on terrorism in malayalam so far.

Congrats Amal and Prithvi!



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  4. just cant agree to your view sir.. anwar is a terrorism based movie made in malayalam.just that should be the review for anwar , just the shot guns , extreme slow motions and heavy punches donty make a movie POWERFUL.. Anwar is very weak in terms of how its shotr and shown , script also is the same i feel.. BABAKALYANI was a much much better movie on terrorism than anwar.. surely anwar looks good thats it !! thats it all.. a similiar plot of anwar is of the movie A WEDNESDAY from bollywood.. it also says the same “fight against terrorism” story.. but ther s nt any mass fights, power gun shots yet it was a superhit there as it really connected with the audience very easily in a simple manner.. There werent any songs in it either !!! First half of anwar was dull and wen the “INTERVAL” card appeared on screen me and friends were like wht??? nothing happened yet and its already interval !!!

  5. Heard that Anwar is not that good…

  6. Felt anwar was really predictable and was offering nothing new..Prithvi trying to be a super hero, when v r already fed up with these kind of Characters

  7. it is almost lyk sagar n bigb in taking of d movie….songs are the highlight….frames are too gud…once you can watch it dats it….last chance am giving 4 amal neerad….

  8. dear renjith bhai….
    whats this for?
    feeling pity to see you giving up your genuinity for your next hero.

    Pls dont turn to be your heros satellite.

    Anwar is a bad film…accept the reality…
    This is not the film we want…

    American model Arabikkadalil….

  9. Well sorry to hear the movie dint work for many of you guys.
    It did for me!

    • That reply is really apprecialbel…hahaa

      guys…thats wat movie taste’s is all about…

      am an big amal neerad fan…his movies are always a visual treat…an am sure he vl make better movies in future…

      the day he gets a good script to work on…that movie will be a master craft.

      lets support our new gen film making heroes …for them to grow..

  10. i think anwar is a remake of Big b and Sagar

  11. Let me be frank… I never liked BigB and hated Sagar Alias Jackie. Seeing the reviews, i never thought of watching Anwar either. 2 weeks back I’d been to Kerala – planned to watch cocktail but ‘Radha’ was closed for renovation. Without any other choice, I went for Anwar. Surprisingly I liked it. Keep off all the arguments about originality (this story has come in different ways in many other movies), the movie scores and can be watched atleast once – but only at a theater – Thanks to Prithvi and Lal. But I don’t think we need one more movie of same style and visuals.

    I totally agree with Ranjith that this is the best Malayalam movie on terrorism. Let us not consider movies where terrorist characters are there. Baba Kalyani is not worth a mention as a movie on terrorism because of its focus-less approach on this subject. Saira was faaaaar better. I hope ‘Veettilekkulla Vazhi’ will take over this position.

    salil drishyan

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