Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | November 2, 2010

AS Concept Promo

 Check it out Guys.



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  3. Good..Looks intersting

  4. Thats terrfic Ranjith. Loved the photography. I guess thats what you technically call as Sepia tone. The in thing now

  5. didn,’t make out anything……….waiting for a gr8 movie!

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  7. COngrants Ranjithji,

    I have added ur concept promo in my blog watch it and if time allow please comment…

    Watch the Home Page too please…


  8. Thanks Guys.

  9. when is the shooting starting?

  10. awsome promo..who gave the voiceover?.al d best

  11. ranjithetttaaa,itz really nice…nice idea…this film shud be marketed well…..i think passenger kurachu kudi nannayi market cheythirunnenkil athu oru phenomenal hit ayene….nyway al d best……….waiting 4 d movie…

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