Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | November 5, 2010

All set

5 days for shoot!

The response to the concept promo was quite encouraging.By concept promo we meant a promo based on the concept of the movie,which explains what the movie is about.Those are not shots from the movie,but based on some materials we created/collected towards the preparations.Dont know if such a thing is done before,but considering the response its quite followable!

Special thanks to Jagathy Sreekumar for giving the voice over dialogue.Admist impossible schedules he could make it.He is playing Dr Moopan in Arjunan Sakshi.Hopefully another role after passenger where the audience can see what a world class material that man is!

Sara Jospeh and C R Neelakantan will play themselves in Arjunan Sakshi.Infact the movie starts from them!!

And there will be one more cameo,probably the most important one!

Seems there is so much hype this time around!!Is that getting to the nerves?

Not really!We are ready for it!!



  1. All the best for your new venture…
    website is not good…

  2. Hi sir, plz check this blog –

  3. 5 days…great news..waiting for the compltn and release..all d best

  4. Go ahead…
    One suggestion…
    Don’t make people over expect from the film..
    Show subtlety in promo programs..

    Passenger was given as a gift from an unknown guy to the keralites.
    This is a film which keeps many expectations on its shoulders.

    That’s why the second film turns out to be ones “first film”…

    Do study why “Vaasthavam” failed in box-office though being backed by a strong script and blasting performance of Jagathi and Prithvi.
    I feel AS might be a comparable one to that movie.




  6. Wish you good luck…

    am sure…people would love this film..

    Promo is good…prithvi is a right choice for the film..

    adding ann to team was a real suprise..but a good option too..

    looking forward to hear more from you on shooting veisheshanghal.

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