Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 11, 2010

75% done

We are done  with 75% of AS.Wanted to write for long,was held up.

Well I feel quite happy.Think it has taken a visual journey beyond the script.New technicians,actors,locales..We have tried to capture a vertically growing kochi successfully so far i guess.

Its been a great team effort so far.You cannot ask for a better producer than S Sunderarajan of SRT films.Super scorpio,flying cam etc would be seen for the first time in malayalam through AS.The situations demand them actually.

Prithvi was a friend before,we have come more closer in the past month.Ann Augustine is an actress malayalam cinema is gonna look forward to I am sure.

Shot for the first time with Salim kumar today.Gonna start with Suraj Venjaramood tomorrow.Biju Menon from day after.

We plan to wrap up shooting by this month end.AS is gonna hit theaters on 28th of Jan.

Inshah Allah!



  1. Insha Allah! Everything will come out good. The buzz in the media is very good. I sincerely feel you will surpass Passenger. It will be Treat time then. 🙂 Good luck1

  2. We have great expectation for AS. that is what u have fetched us with Passenger…

  3. Great going sir. Waiting for it !!!

  4. Great news to hear Ranjith. Saw the location report in some channels. All the best.
    Hope Suraj will not be the same in AS :).

  5. Thanks for the update Ranjith.

    salil drishyan

  6. Ranjithchetta,all waiting for some meaningful movies in malayalam……..Sure u can deliver this time too……………

  7. Ranjit sir,

    how many days schedule was AS? I believe releasing it on 28th is too fast as you wont get ample time period for promotions.Also the shoot is not covered well neither in online ,Print or A/V medias.Is it sign of bad PR?????

  8. Ranjithetta…hope u will make the screen an unforgettable one through AS..

    “Night is longer than day for those who dream…
    Days r longer for those who make those dreams come true…”


  9. AS will be a super hit…..our prayers with you…sandeep & sayee

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