Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 27, 2010


Thats a shot from one of the most important sequences in AS second half.

There is a little story behind the scene actually.We knew its gonna be one of the toughest sequences to shoot right from the time it was conceived.It was about Prithviraj running through heavy traffic in kochi carrying one of his site workers.

Thinking of the practicality I suggested prithvi that we can look for someone real small and lean so it would be more easy for him to carry.Prithvi insisted that we should stick to script and we should look for a bigger fellow.

We found someone who was also a good actor(It’s also an important character in the movie).He was weighing close to 80 kgs!Prithvi reassured he will carry him.i reminded him there are so many shots!

We went on shoot.We completed shooting the sequence in 6 important roads in kochi on real traffic,more a guerilla model shoot.Prithvi kept his word.He carried that huge guy and ran almost 2 kms for the whole sequence.

When I see the rushes today,feels good..!

Thats another one.



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  3. Hey Renjithbhai, wht a poster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!ur r the real hero ….. prithvi rocks as usual!!!!! super duper hit sure!!!!!!

    Daivam sakshi!
    Arjunan Sakshi!!!
    From Janu 28 – we all sakshi!!!!!!!!


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