Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 27, 2010


Many told me passenger should have been marketed better.We made a theatrical trailor,did our bit of ads..could have done better maybe.

Want to rectify it in AS as much as possible within the time frame.

Do come up with innovative marketing ideas apart from the flex boards,railway station ads,tv shows ,theatrical/tv trailors etc.

Time for the plunge!



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    • am saaradhi from FK…

      Must attract family audience.. so TV is the main marketing media.. also social networking , banners, ads etc etc.. anyway we should make up it as a better one.. all should get an idea of film..means teaser …

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  3. Could try with interactive marketing..
    with websites,FM,TV etc….the characters interact with the public as if addressing the film concerns as reality..

    Or could try viral stuff like…building up the anxiety of the public through tidbits and stuff…

    For have to set up a department apart to devote your utmost care to the marketing… there should be a clear cut budget planned for its each stage..

    Wishing all success for Arjunan Sakshi!!!!! 🙂

  4. use social networking. Facebook, twitter etc.

  5. looks too good…

  6. Online Chat sessions – by Prithviraj, Ann, you
    Road shows – with your leading cast
    The old jeep announcements through out Kerala – nostalgic memories.
    Association with KSRTC – why don’t you guys arrange a ride in KSRTC low floor bus, to promote your film and KSRTC bus day

    Have you heard about You can say it is a ‘campaign using missed calls’. You can use it for voting, ratings and surveys. You just set up a telephone number with company and your fans just need to give a missed call to this number.

    You can plan all your campaigns around this technology, whether it is to get interest for chat sessions, or let them know about your road show stops, or whether to know viewers like your movie etc.

    You may have to promote such a concept through your blog, twitter, video, news paper ad etc. I am quite sure you will get some news coverage also, for introducing such a new concept in Kerala. See for more details.

    (I am not associated with this company; in fact I work for the same company where you work, but in Trivandrum)

    Best of luck..!!

  7. You can try some old days marketing techniques….
    Like, announcing in a car, flyers with the short description of this movie (Like what Jagathy did in “Pradeshika Varthakal”). I have a nostalgic feeling about this as we had such things in our villages. Children used to run behind this car and collect the flyers as much as possible. I don’t expect the same from the children now. However, this may attract media attention as its very rare to see nowadays. And relatively a cheap method for reaching out to the people.

  8. Make a fm program in the lines of munnabhai where callers and call and discuss with arjunan about the issues that they witness in day to day life or talk or comment on issues which they would not do so in real life.

    Make a. Weekly suppliment kinda things that has the look and feel of newspaper with a features that runs till the date of the movie release.. And the last issue not disclosing the end and urging the readers to see the rest on screen on the issues discussed in the story with pictures.this you can circulate with any of the daily newpapers like manorama.

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