Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 28, 2010

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Arjunan Sakshi – Is it wise to be with your own life or take one step further and make a change in society? 

Life can be comfortable. You have a 9-6 job, a family, latest gadgets and facilities. Just like when you raise the windshields of your car and put on the cooler,so that the world around you is clean,comfortable and secure. It cuts you off from the ‘real’ world outside. That of pain, problems and corruption. Is it wise to just lead a ‘boxed’ life like the above? The other option is to break your shell and try making a change in the society you live. It has its own pains and risks. Is it worthy enough to choose such a path? What do you think……… Somewhere in the wilderness, Arjunan awaits your reply!!!!! 

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  1. Change: a quote from BMTC conductor: “If you need change- you should bring change!!!” –

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